scottian650 Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has announced that he will release an autobiography.

“Why a book? Because I think my story can connect with anyone and, if I was able to make the life I wanted for myself happen, then anyone can,” says Ian. “I’m really excited to be writing a book because the idea of getting forty-something years of stuff out of my brain and onto the page seems very therapeutic. Plus, if I didn’t do it now, I’d start forgetting and wouldn’t be able to share all these killer stories with you, my friends!”

Titled I’m The Man, Ian’s memoirs will be released through Da Capo Press next year and will explore the guitarist’s unbelievable rise from a “nerdy Jewish boy in Queens, New York” to one of the most respected metal guitarists of all time.


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  • richman on

    Someone please give that man a laxative. Good God look at his face. He s cool, I ll check the book out. Mustaine is a douchebag though.

  • John Alonzo on

    Cool there has been a lot of things that people don’t know of him, not like all these other high caliber musicians that have already have come out with bio’s. Rock on.

  • randy h on

    Is that picture photoshopped?

  • sar305 on

    Love this guy. And a very able ambassador for this music we call hard rock and heavy metal.

    • richman on

      That’s 63 inches of Rock God. Just kidding. Shorter than DIO? Robin Crosby was 6’5 + and that ended real fucking bad. Chris Holmes also very big, good guitarist, married Lita and will only be remembered as the drunk loser in the pool. Metal could be a little man’s game, no doubt.

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