StevenTylerJoePerry400 Andy Greene of Rolling Stone reports:

Aerosmith started a tour in Bulgaria last week that will take them throughout Europe and North America over the next four months, but don’t expect to hear another new album anytime soon. “Our contract to Sony is fulfilled and we’re free agents right now,” guitarist Joe Perry tells Rolling Stone. “We’re trying to figure out what that means. I don’t even know if making new albums makes sense anymore. Maybe we’ll just release an EP every six months. I don’t know what the future looks like.”

Part of the group’s reluctance to commit to a new album comes from the tepid response to their 2012 LP Music From Another Dimension!, which was their first collection of original songs in over a decade. It debuted at #5 on the charts before disappearing without a trace. None of the four singles even scraped the Billboard Hot 100. “I’m obviously disappointed it didn’t work out the way it was supposed to,” says Perry. “But on the other hand, once a record is out, it’s out forever. Maybe in two years someone might hear a song off it and go, ‘What was that song? It should have been on the radio.’ And it might hit a wave again.”

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  • wagdaddy on

    Did you hear Joe Perry keep talking about “a hit”…..the entire problem is Aerosmith keeps wanting to write a hit instead of making a Rock N Roll album……they say one thing and give us crap under the disguise of ballads, duets and “hey this album is gonna be like ROCKS”……..Aerosmith has always been one of my fave band, but are a serious has-been….making albums isn’t the problem-making BAD ALBUMS is Aerosmith’s problem.

  • Det Pak on

    I haven’t bought an Aerosmith Album since “Night in the Ruts” and won’t listen to anything but that and the albums before it!

  • flashrockinman on

    I remember when they signed that contract with Sony. It was ages ago, some time in the early or mid-90s. Probably set some kind of record.

  • Jay jay on

    Monster by Kiss was abetter cd Steven blabbers that kiss is not as good bubi bet monster sold better

    • Brian B on

      Monster was way better !

    • Mike B on

      I thought so too. I was somewhat disappointed with Dimension. I was as much looking forward to Dimension as Monster and Monster turned out better. I think Steven said those things because they were releasing albums around the same time–a competitive streak in Steven–nothing new.

  • Bmac777 on

    Most of the best albums in rock were completed in under 2 months. All the hype and over producing has killed music. Bands used to put out an album a year. It made the music spontaneous and fresh. I would love to hear them go in and play live in the studio, mix it and put it out. Keep it simple. It’s rock and roll not rocket surgery.

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