Jakelee Former Ozzy Osbourne and Badlands guitarist Jake E Lee might never be seen again after his new band Red Dragon Cartel complete their current touring duties.

He says he’s already resisting pressure to make a follow-up to this year’s debut album – unless he can do it on his own terms. And he’s vowed he’ll shut down the project if the moment feels right, adding that he doesn’t believe he’ll be missed.

Lee returned with Red Dragon Cartel after more than two decades away from the music business. Right now he’s enjoying every minute, but he knows how he’ll react if the situation changes.

He tells Sea Of Tranquility, “There’s an abundance of song ideas – but I’m not guaranteeing that there will be another album. I know the record company hopes there is and the band hopes there is. I just did this as a last hurrah, to see what it felt like to be back out. I’ve had a lot of fun doing it. I miss my home life, though. I don’t need this; as long as it’s not tiresome or becomes too much of a job, I can see it going on.

Right now I don’t know. If making another record makes me happy then I’ll do it. If it becomes grueling, I’ll just stop – and feel reassured in knowing that there’s really not going to be a whole big world that’ll miss me. Some fans will, and if that’s what happens, I apologize to them.”

Lee admits he believed his days on the road were long behind him. “I don’t need the spotlight; I don’t need to be in the public eye,” he says. “My only reason for doing this at all is for the love of music and if this all goes away tomorrow. I’ll be okay.”

And while he’s enjoying Red Dragon Cartel’s current run of European shows – including a rescheduled set of UK dates – he states: “If it taxes me too much I can easily go back into retirement.”

additional source: classicrockmagazine.com

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  • Ron Keel on

    I’ve known Jake for 30 years, we both recorded our new albums in the same studio and crossed paths there often, and just did the Monsters Of Rock Cruise & M3 together; I thought Jake & Co really kicked ass on both gigs. There are musicians and there are rock stars, and sometimes we all have trouble balancing the two – but I give Jake huge props for two things: (1) keeping his chops and playing skills at an extremely high level, which is very difficult to do if you’re not actively recording and touring, and (2) being honest and frank in an interview – he wasn’t trying to spin the PR, he was speaking his heart and mind and telling the readers how he really feels, and that’s very difficult to do sometimes as well.

  • Edward Zabiela on

    I was there for both MORC and M3 and completely agree with Ron Keel, Jake E Lee absolutely kicked Ass . I have never seen him before and was not too familiar with Badlands either but I was blown away by Jake’s performances. Did not get a chance to meet him but I did notice he took the time to talk and hang out with his fans, seemed like a very nice guy too. Hey Ronnie you last show on MORC @ the atrium was one of my favorites cruise concerts.! Cheers Metal Cowboy !

  • Trent on

    I think Jake should ditch the singer and just do a killer riff-heavy instrumental heavy rock record,,but you need a great bass player for it.

    A LA Karma To Burn

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