Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry was a recent guest of Byrd of 97.1 FM The Drive, where he explains why drummer Joey Kramer, will not be joining the band  on their upcoming Peace Out farewell tour.

Perry said (via, “His heart’s in the right place, but, listen, playing the drums is an athletic event. And there’s a certain point where you’re just kind of, like,… every joint starts to give out, man. So, at this point we’re not thinking he’s gonna be there. We’ll see.”

When the band announced its farewell tour earlier this week, they released a statement, that said, “While Joey Kramer remains a beloved founding member of Aerosmith, he has regrettably made the decision to sit out the currently scheduled touring dates to focus his full attention on his family and health. Joey’s unmistakable and legendary presence behind the drum kit will be sorely missed.”

For the past year, the band’s longtime drum tech John Douglas has been filling in on drums for Kramer.

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  1. I’m old enough to have seen Aerosmith during their rock days, before they went all pop with outside songwriters, keyboards and orchestration, and duets with country music artists. Add to the fact that Joey will not be a part of this (cough, cough) “farewell” tour, this is an easy hard pass for me.

  2. Wow, that’s unfortunate. I guess to be expected? What do I know other than the drama that was portrayed to us public back a few years ago. JK is a great performer. Hope he’s not doing poorly.

  3. Hey he should at least be up there doing something. Maybe have 2 drummers so he can play the basic beat while someone else plays the fills. Maybe Mick Brown?
    Seems like a waste of 50 years of playing with the same band to sit out the final tour. Something tells me there’s more to this story as Joey has seemed to had issues where he would “sit out” as drummer.

    1. Jeff, I concur there’s more to this story……Scott Rockenfield, Mick Mars, KK Downing, etc…..sometimes, sadly, it’s like a soap opera with bands.

      But I hope Joey Kramer performs with Aerosmith….he’s the heartbeat for the band.

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