Ace Frehley says he’s hoping to be asked to join Kiss on their End Of The Road world tour.

The band announced their intention to head out for a final time last week, and while no dates have been confirmed, Frehley says he’d like to be involved “for the fans.”

He made the comments at the Hollywood Musicians Institute this week, saying, “I haven’t been asked. I had a meeting with those guys several months ago and they talked about retiring to me, and that didn’t seem right either. Who knows what’s going to happen?

I read comments on the internet and I fall off my bed laughing. There’s all these people that have all these different ideas of a configuration of what the next KISS tour should be and it’s crazy. But overwhelmingly, they want me back in the band, I think. That’s what I’m reading on the internet.”

Frehley added, “I’m doing fine on my own. My career is on an upswing and I’m having a ton of fun – I like producing my own records. I don’t like anybody standing over my shoulder telling me what to do. I’ve had a lot of freedom, and working with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons again, it would be different. But then again, I’d probably make $5 or $10 million, so I might consider that…

Hopefully next year, what all the KISS fans really want to happen will happen. I’m hoping. I want to be involved, especially for the fans. It’s not like my dream job, because I’ve done it a couple of times and quit, but I really want to do it for the fans if it’s going to happen.”

Speculation had been swirling that Frehley could commence another stint with Kiss ever since he and Stanley reconnected in 2016.

However, both Stanley and Simmons have since ruled out the possibility, with Simmons saying in September last year: “That’s not gonna happen. Ace has been in and out of the band three different times. That’s enough.”

Frehley will release his new solo album Spaceman on October 19th through Entertainment One, which features Simmons on bass on two tracks: Your Wish Is My Command and Without You I’m Nothing, which Ace co-wrote with his old bandmate.

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  • el loco on

    At least, of all of the lot, he is at least honest about the prospect of making good money from it. Listening to Paul the wanna-be altruist it is all for the fans … no Ace in the band, no big tour, fact! I fear Ace’s comments are carefully planned to be able to later say “I told you so before, it wouldn’t happen, and I am not to be blamed for it because I was open to it” when they go on tour with the two replacents again.

  • James K. on

    Ace and Peter could walk on stage in full makeup and costume for the encore, all six guys play Detroit Rock City, then Ace and Peter fight Tommy and Eric A la Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park, symbolically “kill” Tommy and Eric, then the original band plays Rock and Roll All Nite, end of concert massive fireworks show.

    Then Tommy and Eric file for unemployment the next day.

    • Doug R. on

      LMFAO! Good one, bro! 4:58 am? Had to be 3:58 am in Texas, damn, man, I thought I got up early! 😉

    • DR Is Live on

      I think that only works if the band plays Rip and Destroy prior to Ace and Peter showing up.

  • jeffrey heffernan on

    if kiss wants to do it right ,they should include everyone ! its the last run right,go out on a high note.if i were putting the show together i would do a 2 part show.the 1st hr kiss as it is now in make up.then intermission (to sell merch of coarse).then part 2 have all member come out via kiss unplugged,and ave another hr and half of a kiss jam session ,say goodnight and goodbye…….

  • Keith G on

    God, I wish people would get over this. For the last flippin’ time – Ace and Peter SOLD the rights to the Spaceman and Catman characters to Gene and Paul MANY YEARS AGO. If the characters were SO important to Ace and Peter, why would they sell them to Gene and Paul? Gene and Paul OWN these characters, and can have anyone they want wear the costumes and makeup. Eric and Tommy have donned the costumes and makeup for more years than either Ace or Peter! Are they the original Spaceman or Catman? Absolutely not, and they’ve never claimed to be. Gene and Paul have never told anyone that Eric and Tommy are the originals, so nobody has ever been deceived on this fact. Tommy and Eric, both excellent musicians, have played the roles very well for a very long time. Stop berating these guys for simply doing their jobs, and stop blaming Gene and Paul for doing what they thought was best for the brand! Nobody deceived anyone, and certainly nobody forced anyone to buy the music or attend the concerts since Tommy and Eric have played the Spaceman and Catman roles. I have enjoyed both records that Tommy and Eric have played on since donning the grease paint, and attended four concerts with them in the band that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I also hope that, for the final tour, arrangements can be made for all past living members of the band to participate in some way. That would, indeed, be the best way to end the career of the hottest band in the world, KISS.

    • Dana on


      When I initially skimmed your comment, I thought I read Cartman as opposed to Catman-LOL!!!! Just trying to bring a little levity to the subject and don’t forget to eat your Cheesy Poofs.

      D 🙂

    • Doug R. on

      Keith, too much caffeine? There is nothing to get over, except maybe the fact that people like you and d7 are oblivious to the point! We all know the facts, we all know the statistics, and we all know the reasons, but most KISS fans (like myself) have never, and will never accept Tommy & Eric as The Spaceman and The Catman. Which brings me back to Alice Cooper, simply put, would you, could you accept anybody else other than Vincent Furnier being Alice Cooper? Honestly? Get real! Of course not!
      There’s only 1 Vincent “Alice Cooper” Furnier! And there’s only 1 Ace “Spaceman” Frehley! And there’s only 1 Peter “Catman” Criss! End of story!!
      Look, if you’re ok with this charade for the last 17 years or so, so be it, but most of us aren’t, including the Trunkster! If Gene & Paul wanted to continue KISS with Tommy & Eric after the final fallout with Ace & Peter, they should’ve done it “UNMASKED!” It’s a big deal because it isn’t real!!! Capiche?

    • Mr. Rock And Roll on

      I’m with Doug R. on this, because he makes sense. If the makeup are just characters that anyone can wear, then what’s the point of having the original members create alter egos that were extensions of their personalities? The fact is, regardless of Ace and Peter selling their makeup: Gene. Paul. Peter. Ace. The Four. These men became massive icons ala The Beatles. In presentation, mind you. This is very, very special and completely different from any other band. Therefore, it should be treated different and set apart from all the others. Flippantly putting the Catman and Spaceman makeup on whoever completely negates this, and it’s disgustingly shameful. Again, Kiss were more than a band. If you or anyone else wants to lump them in with any other group, I say you are sorely mistaken.

    • Rattlehead on

      Keith, sale of the make up rights has nothing to do with the issue. And it surely doesn’t make it morally right for impersonators to wear the iconic makeup. And nobody is claiming Gene and Paul are deceiving anybody. Consider my brother Doug R’s Alice Cooper analogy reply to your post. If Vincent Furnier sold the Alice Cooper rights to somebody else, is it still Alice Cooper? Absolutely not! The bottom line is….its one thing to replace band members. Replacing legends is something else! And that’s another great, beautiful quote from brother Doug R.

  • RTunes68 on

    WAAAH WAAAAHHH WAAAAAH (sniffle)….I want 73-year old Peter Criss in his old Cat-man suit to play drums for a two-hour show 3-4 nights a week for the next three years all over the world, or I’M NOT GOING! That final show two-hour show at MSG in 2022 when Peter is 77 years old is going to be so AWESOME!

    • Doug R. on

      Who said that? Sounds like you need a tissue, RTunes.

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