Ace Frehely admitted that he once punched, former KISS manager and current guitarist, Tommy Thayer, in the face.

“That’s really out of character for me,” Frehley said during a “live conversation” at Hollywood’s Musicians Institute on September 25th [as per

He continues, “What happened was, we had an ongoing rule on tour that there’s no women allowed in the dressing room. When we’re getting ready, we don’t want anybody… we don’t even want guys in there. We had a standing rule that no girlfriends or anything are allowed in the dressing room. I had a girlfriend with me — a model from Canada, and, of course, she always had to wait outside. When Shannon [Tweed-Simmons] and Paul’s [Stanley] wife came on tour, they just pranced into the dressing room. I let it go — I didn’t make a big deal out of it. But now, this is the last day of the tour in Australia. Everybody has left the dressing room. Paul, Gene [Simmons] and Peter [Criss]… was Peter there, or was it Eric [Singer]? It’s not important to the story. They had all split, so my girlfriend was standing outside, and I said, ‘Hey, honey, come on in. Nobody’s here.’ Five minutes later, Tommy Thayer comes walking in and goes, ‘Ace, you know the rule — no women in the dressing room.’ I go, ‘There’s nobody here. It’s the end of the tour.’ He started being authoritative with me, so I gave him a shot. I got aggravated. I guess the Bronx boy in me came out.”

Ace Frehley’s forthcoming new album, Spaceman, is due for release on October 19th through Entertainment One (eOne).

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  1. What is the point of this story? Is it that Ace is an a-hole, punching a guy who was just trying to do his job and enforce the band rules? Is it that Ace is a mean drunk when he doesn’t get his way? Is it that Ace is jealous of Tommy being in KISS now, and wants everyone to know that he’s “badder” than the current “Spaceman”? I love Ace, but why bring this crap up now? He’s been telling everyone how he’s open to joining KISS on this upcoming farewell tour, and that he wants to do it for the fans. Does bringing this sort of thing up help convince Gene and Paul that it makes sense to bring Ace back? Both Gene and Paul say that they have never been happier with the band in its current form. I’m sure they’ll love hearing Ace tell everyone how he punched out they’re current lead guitar player.

    1. Right, right, and Tommy did absolutely nothing wrong! It was all Ace’s fault because he’s a drunken a-hole, Tommy didn’t instigate or provoke Ace, oh no. 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but who knows how many more facts were involved in this story.
      And besides all that, I’m sure Ace didn’t just bring this up, he was probably bugged and pressured into answering the question about the Thayer altercation. Sure, of course he could’ve just said “no comment,” but when was the last time you heard Gene or Paul just say “no comment?” Ace usually takes the high road, but he’s not “high” anymore, so I am more than ever inclined to believe The Spaceman! (The REAL Spaceman!)

  2. I don’t think it’s cool that Ace hit fake Ace, a la KI$$ Meets The Phantom, regardless of his reasons. I just can’t condone violence. But surprised Ace could even recall the incident considering he was probably “snowblind” at the time.

  3. Eddie, you see many many shows a year; I see maybe three or four…at most. My point is that it is really easy for you to say you wouldn’t go to see Kiss now because it is just a blip in your schedule. Put yourself in the shoes of someone with limited access to shows and then try and re-think your options; you’re saying you still wouldn’t go?

  4. life is full of petty, arrogant, stupid, insensitive people , who do really idiotic things – and you cant just punch them , as much as we might want to- ace could have just said f-off – or walked away or any number of things –

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