acefrehley400 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductee and former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has debuted The Joker, the second single from his highly anticipated solo LP Spacer Invader due out next week. The debut comes exclusively through Ultimate Classic Rock. Listen to it below.

As previously reported, Frehley will perform on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight (August 12th), sitting in with The Roots for the show’s entirety.

Additionally, a one time only in-store appearance and signing at the Best Buy in Union Square, NYC will take place Tuesday August 19th at 6PM. Fans will be able to get their own copy of Space Invader signed by the space man himself. Pre-order the album on iTunes here.

Watch a video clip in which Ace discusses his new album below.

Space Invader track list:

1. Space Invader
2. Gimme A Feelin’
3. I Wanna Hold You
4. Change
5. Toys
6. Immortal Pleasures
7. Inside The Vortex
8. What Every Girl Wants
9. Past The Milky Way
10. Reckless
11. The Joker
12. Starship


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  • elliot on

    reading this thread is worth $1250. thanks eddie and dana. the check’s in the mall. lol

  • John Alonzo on

    He surely killed that one, jesus

  • Torpedo Guy on

    Really Jeff? Well gooney goo goo

  • Nick on

    Ace haters that is nothing new the Gene and Paul lovers that’ll defend them no matter what.

  • Nick on

    Someone that changes their screename all the time isn’t a true fan of anything they are part of this spreading negativity on any page any day. People like that just get out there and spread the hate and start arguments. They don’t wanna contribute anything good for a struggling rock scene in the states.

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