Seems several times each day I get a tweet, email or question asking about new episodes of That Metal Show. I am grateful to all of you for asking and caring about the future of the show. The simple truth is that the network (VH1 Classic) who owns the show and makes all the decisions has decided at this time not to do more episodes until this January, to air starting in Feb 2015. You all must understand this is as frustrating for me as it is for you! TMS is on VH1 CLASSIC, not VH1, in the US. They produce the show and their operating budgets and investment in that channel are very limited (as you all know it is still not available in HD in 2014!). The good news is the show is continuing and they repeat the show constantly, which creates new viewers daily just discovering it. The bad news is there are TONS of releases, events and interview opportunities we are missing without the show being produced. I am always looking for new and additional ways to deliver this content, which is one of the reasons I recently launched a podcast. This, in addition to my two weekly radio shows and this site are the best outlets I have to focus on until we start up again. I would LOVE to be doing a TV show daily or weekly, but it just is not within the ability of the network to produce that at the moment. We may do a special between now and the end of the year but that decision is also VH1’s. They decide when, where, and if we do the show and have final approval on guests as well. It has always been that way. Even though TMS was very much my baby, they own and control it. When I know more I will of course let you know. We will be back, but they have decided to take a hiatus before starting again. I am always looking for and exploring new additional opportunities to do what I do and will keep you posted as things develop. In the meantime please check out the radio shows and podcast. Hopefully I will have some new outlets to announce soon as well. Thanks for all the amazing support for TMS. It will be back! And I’m told maybe with some new things you have all been asking for, but it will be a while longer before we relaunch. I always like to be as open and honest about what’s going on so that’s the deal. Obviously not my vision for momentum for the show but January will be here before you know it. Thanks to all of you and if you have DVR set it to record all episodes. In about 4 weeks I now have 75 on mine! Great chance to see shows you may have missed the first airing. Thanks for caring and supporting this show that means so much to so many around the world. Can’t wait to get it going again in January! Of course things can change and if we do a special or anything sooner I will of course let you all know. But that is the plan now.

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  1. Very disappointing as a rabid fan of TMS, but at least there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I just don’t get the decision makers of some of these networks as to which shows are more relevant than others. They need to listen to the viewers more, because after all we are the customer and without us, they do not exist! Just another way of corporate America minimizing the importance of Heavy Metal Music! But us Heavy Metal maniacs always do, we rise above! LONG LIVE TMS!

  2. Thanks for the update, Eddie Trunk! I was looking forward to new episodes this Fall, so I am disappointed. We enjoy seeing you at Rocklahoma each year. Long live TMS!!!

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