Hope everyone checks out this weeks new podcast. It is an exclusive interview with one of the truly good guys in the business Michael Anthony. We get into VH and so much more. It is free via Itunes or at www.podcastone.com Thanks for all the great early response!

Saw Aerosmith and Slash in NJ this past Wednesday. I’ve said it a million times and will say it again, Aerosmith is truly amazing! After more than 40 years still the original guys and more importantly as good as ever. Steven Tyler remains the greatest American frontman and rock singer we have even at this age. It is inspirational to see a guy who is in his mid 60’s still move and sing like this. It is amazing how many hits the band does NOT play and still they play many! But they also work in some deep tracks for the hard core like “Kings & Queens” that had me in full freak out mode! Two hour set and it was amazing. I savor every show I can still see from a band so important to me as a kid and still so important and so great in 2014. Amazing!

Also saw Slash’s band twice in the last few days and these guys are carrying that Aerosmith torch for no frills all real rock greatness for sure. The entire band just on fire! New album out very soon. Slash jammed Mama Kin with his heroes Aerosmith in NJ!

All new show tonight on all syndicated stations including WAAF Boston and Q104.3 NYC tonight 11P ET. Michael Anthony interview in the show and new and classic hard rock and metal!

Back live Monday 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation.

Hearing from reliable sources AC/DC tour next year and a new album that is just about done. Malcolm will not be involved sadly.

This is my first weekend home in 9 weeks! Perfect timing for football to be back! Enjoy all.

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  • Charlie C on

    Eddie Two Guys your killing me with the memories where I bought my first kiss album destroyer

  • JAMEϟ on

    I wish these podcasts were two hours instead of one. I haven’t supported the current Van Halen, didn’t go to any of their shows and didn’t get the album. It’s just not Van Halen without Michael Anthony. It’s really tragic that the Roth reunion didn’t happen in ’96 like it should have. I was genuinely excited back then and those two new songs they did at that time sounded pretty good. By the time they finally got back with Roth again in the mid 2000’s with Wolfgang I really had lost interest.

    • David C on

      I’ve seen Hagar twice playing with Michael Anthony on his Four Decades of Rock Tour. Great show in San Francisco right down on the wharf outdoors…really cool. 10,000 people on a Saturday night.

      San Francisco is a great rock and roll town, lots of good clubs and concert venues. Bill Graham’s influence is still strong here, and Bill could definitely bring in the top acts. Rock and metal acts always draw well here in The City.

    • JT on

      Van Halen is Dave and Eddie. Anyone who did not go to the reunion shows with Dave because Michael wasn’t there truly missed out because Eddie was never more on top of his game and yes it’s true that Dave is not the singer and frontman he once was but I would rather see this version of VH then Van Hagar in their prime and I’m not even going to mention the other version.

  • talktopete on

    Kings and Queens???????????????????????? I literally would’ve died. WOW. : )

  • talktopete on

    What sucks about the Michael Anthony situation is (and this might sound weird for a sec) is there was no drug or alcohol abuse, no fights over money etc. Just no real, solid reason. Mikes a good person, no controversy . It just makes no sense. Just stupid politics and side taking from Eddie. Ed needs to bring Mike in for one tour. Geeesh.

    • Yankee on

      The “reunion” tour should have been just that, a reunion of the original line up. The fact that Eddie couldn’t let it go for that tour is pathetic really. I don’t think it could have been so difficult for Eddie to say to Michael, “we’re doing a tour with Roth, we want you in for it, but beyond that I want my son in the band. Did Eddie ask Michael if he and Sammy, because of Jason Bonham being on drums for this tour, thought of asking Jimmy Page to come along? He might very well have said yes.

    • Bill on

      Huh??? “No reason”??? Why is it so unfathomable that a guy would want to play with his own son? And the other guy would want to play with his own nephew? No argument that Michael Anthony is the real deal (saw him with Chickenfoot at the TLA in Philly and he blew me away, but I think of all the personnel changes in rock history, you could find a ton that are more arbitrary than this.

  • Vinnie van Vincent on

    Hey Eddie great work on the podcasts, really been enjoying them all, and as you mentioned about reactions you’ve been getting from people, I never been a fan of King Diamond but he seems like a really clever, down to earth dude.

    Question about the Michael Anthony podcast, was that common knowledge that he knew that his touring with Sammy wasn’t approved by Eddie? i never heard the story about that Michael actually talked to Eddie before and then decided to do it anyway no matter what Eddie thought…kudos to him!

    finally have you checked out ROYAL BLOOD’s album yet?? it went straight into no1 on the UK charts and is easily one of the best albums i’ve heard this year!! hard heavy duo influenced by Zeppelin, Sabbath, White Stripes etc…

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