This is a letter going out to my email data base today. In case you aren’t on the mailing list posting here as well:

Hope everyone had a great Summer! For me it was by far the busiest I have ever had with nine straight weekends on the road and all over the world. Did a combination of appearances, book signings, hosting gigs, and live shows with Don & Jim. Even went to Bogota to visit the amazing South American fans and speak at a conference. So many great moments that are impossible to recap here. If you follow on Twitter or read the Trunk Report blog on the site or check my FB page I’m sure you saw the photos and stories as it unfolded. Just a blast and not done yet! I have upcoming appearances in NJ, Houston, Louisiana and more TBA. Everything confirmed is on the home page of the site as usual.

I also launched my first podcast a couple months ago and it has been a great success thanks to you guys! Appreciate all the artists that made time for interviews such as King Diamond, Judas Priest, Brian May, Night Ranger, Blitz from Overkill and many more. The Eddie Trunk Podcast is new every Thursday, totally free, and available worldwide via Itunes or at www.podcastone.com New this week will be Michael Anthony! Coming soon Ace Frehley, Slash, Steve Morse, Doro, Mark Tornillo and more. Be sure to subscribe on Itunes and get every new episode automatically.

My radio shows continue on. Year 31 for the FM syndicated show (Eddie Trunk Rocks) which is now back on in Boston on WAAF. This show now airs the same weekend on all stations, so no more delays. It debuts on Q104.3 NYC and AAF same time every week. A note to my NYC area listeners; all ticket giveaways are now done on my site in “ET’s Box Office”. Please be sure to register to win by following that tab. You will be notified a few days before each show if you are a winner and on the list. Eddie Trunk Live on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation has had some major guests lately and that will continue into the Fall as I bring you live music and talk that rocks 6-10P ET.

Was great seeing all the Eddie Trunk / Trunk Nation shirts out there this Summer. Thanks to all who have checked out the merch in my store on the site. Also both of my books are available signed directly from me. Just hit the Books tab on the site.

Finally, I am getting tons of email asking about new episodes of That Metal Show. This was addressed in the Trunk Report but if you missed it the show will be back. We will shoot in January and new episodes will air in Feb 2015. Where we shoot, when exactly and who the guests will be all still TBD and I’ll let you know when I know. As always please follow on Twitter, FB and Instagram (eddietrunkofficial) for more up to the second news and info. Football is here! Psyched!

Eddie Trunk
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  1. Really enjoyed today’s podcast with Michael Anthony. My jaw dropped wide open when he said he hasn’t spoken to EITHER Eddie or Alex in TEN YEARS! INSANE!!!

    1. Harbaugh will do what he wants to do, and he’s been great in SF. Everybody knows that the NFC Championship game was the Super Bowl last year. And he got us to the SB the year before. I’ll stack that up against any team but the Hawks and Ravens in those years. Yes, there’s been some line-up changes, but when the playoffs roll around, we’ll be there, gangbusters.

  2. My teams been the STEELERS since I was little,but I do root for the GMEN on the NFC side,love to see the cowgirls fail miserably,as long as jerry jones is GM NO WORRIES,soon he’ll be wearin a jumpsuit like AL DAVIS used to..Also CRYBABY BRADY losing those 2 great SUPER BOWLS always earns my respect…Playing really poised when it counts far outweighs the interceptions for ELI lately,he’s trying too hard to make it happen….Best wishes to EDDIE and DANA,and all other NY GIANTS FANS… on this upcoming season of NFL FOOTBALL, PS SAW WINGER/FIREHOUSE LAST NITE.GREAT SHOW,GREAT CROWD!!! KIP,REB AND THE REST OF THE WINGER CREW VERY UNDERATED!! CJ SNARE STILL HAS THE PIPES ALSO…

    1. Thank you JC,

      I feel the same about the Steelers 🙂 When I was little, my two teams were the Steelers and the Cowboys. I even have a Tony Dorsett jersey (I still think he was a phenomenal player). But thankfully, I outgrew the Cowboys.

      Best wishes to you as well and all the other Steelers fans as well.

      D 🙂

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