Huge thanks to all who came out and made my first 5 signings of my book tour such a success. I love getting out there and meeting with people who love rock and metal and the support has been amazing. Really enjoying the Q&As that I am doing at many stores before the signings. Selling the new book and a surprising amount of people also buying the first. So thank you all! People are driving some far distances to come to these events and it means a lot to me. Clearly I can’t come to every city but will continue to add signings when I can. Still a bunch to go. Please see the home page of my site for the dates confirmed and come out if you can. And thank you to all who have purchased VOL 2 physical to digital this last week. The book is available now everywhere books are sold and all the feedback has been great so far. Tonight (Sunday) I’m at House of Blues in Chicago. This should be a fun one with a full Q&A starting at 6. This is free and no ticket is needed. So come on out and hang if you can. Please follow on a Twitter @eddietrunk for photos and more up to the second news.

I certainly appreciate healthy debate and discussion, but haters and anyone using racial slurs will be banned from having their comments posted. Most of the people have been great, but some have been way over the line and it will not be posted or tolerated.

Thanks and have a good weekend.

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  • Brandon on

    Just started the new book, but am enjoying it. Definitely interested in checking out ‘Fast As A Shark’ and was only exposed to ‘Godzilla’ through Racer X – did not realize that was a cover.

    As opposed to a volume 3, it would be really interesting (for me) to hear some behind the scenes accounts of what happened at Megaforce. Not a dirt dredge up type of thing, but a ‘here’s how things worked and ran back in the day’. Sort of like ‘And Party Every Day: The Inside Story Of Casablanca Records.’

  • Steve on

    Eddie, LA signing is same night as Dodgers playoffs and Kings opener. Bad timing.

    • Eddie on

      Tough it have known that when it was booked. Hope to see many of the LA TMS fans

  • Scott on

    By the way Eddie….seeing some pictures on Twitter and you look fit and trim. You will be rockin’ well into your 90’s. Take care of yourself……

    Come to Georgia please.

    Just got your book it is great! And…. YOU ARE ON DEMAND. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a great day!

  • Steve on

    Hey Eddie,
    I’ve been a die-hard fan of “That Metal Show” since it first aired and love both of your books. I see that you will be at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell on October 25th for a signing and I’m super pumped. My question is are there two separate tickets required for the concert with Sammy Hagar and your signing, or does one ticket get you everything? Thank you very much for your time and consideration in this matter and see you there!
    Rock On…

  • Zehnn on

    Congrats Eddie! Vol 2 is just as captivating as Vol 1 & that’s huge as anyone who’s read Vol 1 would agree. Also, I really enjoyed your presentation. I found it both refreshing & inspiring how real & down to earth you are, despite all the fame:-) I believe you’re just a super genuine guy with a memory like a steel trap who fortunately for us fans is obsessed with Rock & Roll. Truly a memorable privilege to meet you!
    Thanks again, God Bless
    Zehnn & Fam

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