eddietrunk Soundcheck reports: For thirty years TV and radio host Eddie Trunk has been charting the hard rock and heavy metal scene. He’s shared his love for bands like Metallica, Bon Jovi and Anthrax on VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show, and over the airwaves with Eddie Trunk Rocks on Q104.3.

Now, he’s releasing the second volume of his book Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal – this time, he’s focusing in on some lesser known acts. We hear about Whitesnake, Angel and Overkill. Plus, Trunk weighs in on the new Metallica concert film, Through the Never.

Listen the interview below.

source: soundcheck.wnyc.org

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  1. Eddie, please, I’m hoping you(or someone) can put the following “controversy” to rest. Allow me to simply reprint it from one of my YT posts:

    Ok, haven’t we been told for years that the “live” at Donnington (or maybe just the 2 cd Live album?) was actually a studio dub?…and yet, these bootlegged audio recordings(some included below) sound EXACTLY, note-for-effing-note, like the official release. So what gives? Who were all these haters besmirching the good name of AC/DC? Even that smug Dave Mustaine, who participated from the audience in a Stump The Trunk segment on ‘That Metal Show'(Brian Johnson being the guest), very strongly, and disrespectfully(watch the tape), implied that those “live” albums were studio overdubs. Eddie, can you help clear this up? Thanks.

    The pudding:



  2. Most live albums are rerecorded solos and fattened/new vocals. Songs Remain The Same was so much of a joke Jones was wearing a wig on a soundstage refilming their concert with endless Page overdubs. McCartney spent a few weeks redoing his Wings ’76 concert film Rockshow in 1980 with better vocals/guitars etc.. They all do it….except Britney…she lipsyncs her entire show.

    1. I hear ya, but these audience recordings sound exactly like the album…the vocals, solos, all of it. Also, it would then be a curious omission that they wouldn’t bother to “fix” Heatseeker where Brian clearly blew out his voice. Again, it too is on the official release.

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