Super crazy time for me but all good with the book days from coming out and the signing tour kicking off Tuesday in NYC at the Hard Rock. Please be sure to follow on Twitter as it’s my easiest way to update you whats what going forward. My time will be really tight and I want to keep you guys informed on all the cool stuff and the dates I have ahead of me promoting this book. Appreciate all who pre ordered or will purchase VOL 2 on Tuesday! Hope to see many at the signings on the home page!


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Hosted a screening of the Metallica film last night in NYC. If you are a Metallica fan you will love it. What I mean by that is at it’s core this is a very well done concert film. But if you think there is much more going on than that there really isn’t. I noticed a few people that thought this was more of a scripted film and were not metal fans walk out a few songs in. To me the extra stuff between songs and story line of the film acting parts was very tough to figure out and didn’t make much sense. But it didn’t bother me because it was fairly minimal in the movie. But the performance, audio, video and set list from the band was killer, and the stage show was cool as well. I am not a fan of 3D movies at all and to me that didn’t add much. But if you look at it as a great document of a Metallica live show it’s really good and since almost anyone reading this IS a Metallica fan I would strongly suggest seeing it 9/27.


Last live Q104 show tomorrow night before I leave for the book tour and then a trip to Brazil. Rex Brown in studio and Joe Satriani calls in. Plus tickets to the radio party 10/23. LIVE show Monday on SiriusXM at 6P on channel 39 with Phil Collen of Def Leppard. Also for the satellite audience my interviews will be On Demand for subscribers of SiriusXM for this show on their app soon.


More soon!

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  1. I was there Wednesday night screening. Cool seeing you and Jim. For what it was, I thought that the film production quality, mixing, and editing was very well done. I am not a fan of the whole Hollywood marketing push of 3D movies, but in this case it works!

    TTN is a movie that has to be seen in the IMAX 3D in order to fully appreciate it, otherwise you are missing out. Dane DeHaan was excellent choice in casting. I view this film as being finally time for an iconic band like Metallica to do their own version of “The Song Remains the Same” (Led Zeppelin), “The Wall” (Pink Floyd), and “Tommy” (The Who),…although each of those bands are epic in their own way.

    Excellent backstory on the film production and editing at Connect 2, Media & Entertainment.

    I view the film title, the film and storyline as a metaphor for any kind of artist struggle. But I agree with the Rolling Stone reviewer who said don’t analyze this movie, …just sit back, enjoy it and live it!

    It will be interesting to see the mainstream press reviews. But definitely a film that die hard Metal/Hard Rock fans must see and will get it.

    I saw Rex Brown at his Thursday night bass clinic at Sam Ash Music, NYC. Fun time, awesome jamin’ time. Cool guy.

    So come on, Eddie…how about some free prize tickets to see Metallica this Saturday night at the Apollo Theater?

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