Changing Hands bookstore in Tempe AZ is offering fans anywhere in the world a chance to purchase my NEW (and first as well) book signed and personalized however you would like, and have it shipped anywhere in the world! I am doing an in store appearance there 10/2, so all orders need to be placed before that date so I can sign them when there. Then the store handles all the business and shipping. This is a great chance to get the new book (or the first) personalized and signed and shipped anywhere! Many have asked about this so glad this opportunity exists for fans in the US or anywhere in the world. But you must place the order by 10/2 so I can sign all books when I am there for the signing in the store that night. You can also order my first book as well from them and have it signed. Here is the link for all the details for Eddie Trunk Book Week and your chance to get my books anywhere in the world signed and personalized! Since I can’t come everywhere for signings this is a great opportunity and thanks to Changing Hands for putting it together. See all signing dates on the home page and pre order Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock & Heavy Metal VOL 2 now anywhere books are sold.It’s out everywhere this Tuesday! See you on the book tour!

Thanks as always for your support! Here’s the link to place your order for the personalized signed copies. Again, must be placed by 10/2.

Order Personalized Signed Books Here

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  1. No, we won’t see you on the book tour. Your book tour does not recognize the Southeastern part of the country. There are states here, and metal fans, and people that read, and if we can’t read, we at least enjoy the pictures. Maybe we will get on your radar by Essential Book #5.

    1. He can only go so many places, although I get what you say. I’ve been hoping Eddie would travel up to San Francisco. But hey, there’s no rock and roll or metal history there, right?

  2. Any plans to stop for signings in Salt Lake City on your tour? Lots of Metal freaks here that would love to get a chance to meet you and lots of independent book stores.

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