momnstermagnet Monster Magnet will release its new album, Last Patrol on October 15th through Napalm Records.

The album will be available as a limited edition CD, standard CD, 2LP and digital format. In support of the album, Monster Magnet will embark on a North American tour, their first in over 10 years. Support will come from Prosthetic artist Zodiac.

The tour is scheduled to begin on November 14th in Grand Rapids, Michigan and will wind down on December 14th in New York City.

Monster Magnet’s Dave Wyndorf says “Last Patrol is a return to our roots in terms of vibe and recording style. It’s full-on psychedelic space-rock with a ’60s garage feel, recorded almost exclusively with vintage guitars, amps and effects in our hometown of Red Bank, New Jersey. The songs are a kind of space-noir, tales of cosmic revenge, peaking libidos, alienation and epic strangeness. It’s a weird trip through the back alleys of a dark, retro-future, which not by coincidence very much resembles my own life. [laughs] The lyrics aren’t fantasy really, rather a recounting of my musings on, observations of and general emotional reaction to my life and environment during a week one writing period in February of 2013. But I tend to use the vernacular and imagery of science fiction and surrealism to express myself and that’s where these lyrics get trippy. There’s also our cover version of Donovan’s Three Kingfishers, which I thought fit the mood of the album.” He continues, “Last Patrol was produced by Phil Caivano and myself with an effort to bring a homegrown feel to the whole affair. We had been doing smaller projects out of Phil’s Studio 13 recording space and I really felt comfortable there so it was the natural choice on where to record the next full-scale Monster Magnet album. Phil and I grew up together and have a shared love of some very particular vintage music and styles. And everybody in the band played their asses off on this one.”

Last Patrol track listing:

1. I Live Behind The Clouds
2. Last Patrol
3. Three King Fishers
4. Paradise
5. Hallelujah
6. Mindless Ones
7. The Duke
8. End Of Time
9. Stay Tuned

Listen to Mindless Ones below.


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  1. Absolutely fantastic.If Dave and present co. have produced an album worthy of its predecessors in quality, scope, and “flavor” well then I for one will gladly appreciate getting my mind blown to pieces and reassembled in the bullgods image.ha ha ha

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