Huge congrats to Ace Frehley on his Top 10 debut on the national Top 20o on Billboard! Like all records though in this day and age the proof will be where it is 4 weeks from now. Does it have staying power and continued support? Or did all the fans just buy it week one and then it’s quickly forgotten (sadly the case with most rock and metal albums). If he does videos and tours that will certainly help but that is all TBD. Either way I am happy for my old friend who is about to celebrate 8 years of being sober and just delivered the highest charting Kiss or Kiss related solo album ever.

Headed to S Florida tomorrow. See you at The Hard Rock in Hollywood Friday for Slash and Sunday for Deep Purple. Remember my books signings will be just outside the Hard Rock Cafe inside the casino AFTER the concerts. Around 10:15 for Slash and 9:15 for Purple. Hope to see you. Books and merch for sale too.

All new podcast posts tomorrow with my TMS partners Don & Jim sitting in with me. We give you our top 5 albums of 2014 so far. Since no new TMS until early next year thought this would be a fun hold over to hear from all 3 of us with a Top 5 list. Download and listen via Itunes or www.podcastone.com

Here is a link to the speaking engagement I did in Bogota two weeks ago. I do speak English during it and it is translated. This is the video stream that happened that night. I am talking a bit slower at times because I was asked to by the translator. Hope you like it, had a blast and the response was amazing. Thanks! http://www.rockaxis.tv/senal-en-vivo/especial-rock-al-parque-encuentro-de-dos-figuras/

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  • James K. on

    My weekly Thursday ritual: I get off work at 8am, go home, unwind and fix supper (it is to me!) then I sit down in my big comfy chair and listen to Eddie’s podcast. It’s been that way since the very first podcast with Priest. This week’s should be very cool with Don and Jim.

  • Jason on

    The new Billy Idol song kicks ass!

  • Mitchell on

    Ace still has that awesome voice of his that fits his playing style perfectly. Great album, hope he comes to the Bay Area!

    • Kai Forbath on

      What voice? Stick to guitar ace

    • JAMEϟ on

      Ace was always my favorite singer in KISS. Perhaps Paul was (and I do mean WAS) technically better in terms of range or whatever but still Ace had the best songs.

  • pm on

    Metal has run its course nothing wrong with that, it happens, happened to Jazz and Reggae, go see it while it’s here, before they drop out.

  • Frank Rizzo on

    Eddie how come there was no honorable mention of BLS catacombs on the podcast?

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