Attended a parry last night in NYC for the launch of Ace Frehley’s new album Space Invader. It was at the Gibson Showroom and attended by friends, label and media. The days of labels having release parties are rare due to the dwindling album sales these days so this was a fun thing to see happen. Ace was there for a couple hours and the album was played while the guests had some drinks and chatted. Ace seemed really happy and excited for the release of the album and was still buzzing from his appearance on The Tonight Show where he played with The Roots. He’s in NYC all week doing a bunch of press and will be live in studio with me this Monday on my SiriusXM show starting 6P ET on channel 39. Photos from the party on my FB. Also in studio this Monday will be Doro and Slash calls in. So a busy Trunk Nation coming up.

If you missed the SiriusXM show last Monday Tracii Guns and Adrian Vandenberg were the guests. As usual you can hear the interviews On Demand with the SiriusXM app.

Just posted this weeks podcast with Glenn Hughes. Glenn told me this was one of the best interviews he ever did so hope you enjoy it. Andrew Watt from his new band California Breed also joins in. Get it now free and worldwide with Itunes or at www.podcastone.com Thanks for making The Eddie Trunk Podcast such an immediate hit. Been top 10 Itunes music since we launched!

Want to send my best wishes to my good friend Joey Kramer of Aerosmith. The band had to cancel some shows due to Joey having some heart issues. I texted him last night and he did respond telling me he will be fine. Let’s hope that’s the case! All the best Joey and get back to kicking ass with Aerosmith soon!

Headed to Bogota Colombia for the first time ever. I’ll be speaking at a music conference there tomorrow. It’s a quick trip but look forward to visiting. Have a nice weekend all.

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  1. You’re more than welcome here to Colombia, Eddie.
    Hope you will join us (the ones that won’t be able to go to your conference) on a beer for your visit in Acido Bar or Abbott & Costello (the most important rock and roll bars) or the Hamburgueseria (a very rock and pop restaurant).
    Thanks for all of your years of dedication to this music, and hope we’ll see soon the next season of TMS!!

  2. Why are you always so unfair to Paul and Gene? It’s obvious that your hatred for those two wonderful men has completely biased all your so called reporting. I’ve never seen vile hatred spewed from anyone like I have with you towards those two gentlemen. I hope those two guys have a restraining order against you, who knows when your evil feelings towards those angels when finally blow. Stop the hating Eddie.

    1. another person completely and utterly lost. i better stop all that hate by not playing their music, what was i thinking. scary some people who have no clue and actually cause all the issues with their baseless comments like this, scary

    2. “Gentlemen”… “ANGELS” ??? Gene & Paul ??? …LOL These modern KISS fans seem like cult members in complete denial of what Gene & Paul really are. I wonder how many of them are going to take Gene’s recent advice he gave to depression sufferers.

    3. Lol, with the “wonderful men; restraining order, angels”. You can’t be as dumb as you sound, but who knows?

  3. I have to say one thing about Ace. He hasn’t really put a turd of of album out, all his solo records were good to very good. Kiss put out there worst album ever in Monster, so anything Ace puts out is going to have a legs up on the imposter line up.

    1. KISS’ worst album would be Unmasked, couldn’t even tour the US behind that one. Second Sighting not a turd ? It’s a steaming pile. I half way agree with Ed on this, there are 6 good songs on Invader, just don’t agree that the other six are any good like he does. maybe EONE will have a bigger seller than Overkill’s latest release.

    2. I actually like Unmaked for what it is, but it goes way overboard in the popish direction, some of the melodies are fun. Still it wasn’t the grittier Kiss their fans had come to know and love, from ’73-’79. Dynasty in ’79 was a step in the slicker production with Vini Poncia producing, and Unmasked went further in that direction, with a lot of the songs sounding a little like Rick Springfield. They did play dates in Australia behind Unmasked, but I’m pretty sure there was no tour for their next album, The Elder, the one that really lost a lot of Kiss fans, and utlimately Ace, who wouldn’t appear on a Kiss album (God knows how much guitar he played on it) until 1998’s Psycho Circus.

    3. Dynasty, Unmasked & The Elder are all great records in my opinion, they just aren’t truly KISS records. Then again, what records since Love Gun have truly been KISS records? I think Creatures for example had like 5 or 6 different guitar players on it.

    4. I agree James. I never listened to Unmasked when it came out because of that stupid album cover. I finally bought it at age 50 to complete my Kiss library and to my surprise its got some great Ace songs on it. I like Unmasked.

    5. I actually liked Second Sighting, it was Trouble Walkin’ that I could never relate to. I don’t think there is even one song on that album that I like, even Fractured III was quite dull compared to his previous instrumentals.

  4. VH-1 Classic is showing “Dazed and Confused” right now, which really is a Rock and Roll picture show and one of the best movies ever. I can identify every character on that movie with someone I went to high school with between 1975-1979.

  5. Really scary about what Glenn said on the podcast about his heart problem. He said it got leaked, but hearing about it this morning was the first I’d heard of it. He’s an incredible singer, an incredible songwriter and an incredible bass player. His lyric writing is among the best in all if music. So it’s great he got through his problems because we need THE VOICE OF ROCK.

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