Attended a parry last night in NYC for the launch of Ace Frehley’s new album Space Invader. It was at the Gibson Showroom and attended by friends, label and media. The days of labels having release parties are rare due to the dwindling album sales these days so this was a fun thing to see happen. Ace was there for a couple hours and the album was played while the guests had some drinks and chatted. Ace seemed really happy and excited for the release of the album and was still buzzing from his appearance on The Tonight Show where he played with The Roots. He’s in NYC all week doing a bunch of press and will be live in studio with me this Monday on my SiriusXM show starting 6P ET on channel 39. Photos from the party on my FB. Also in studio this Monday will be Doro and Slash calls in. So a busy Trunk Nation coming up.

If you missed the SiriusXM show last Monday Tracii Guns and Adrian Vandenberg were the guests. As usual you can hear the interviews On Demand with the SiriusXM app.

Just posted this weeks podcast with Glenn Hughes. Glenn told me this was one of the best interviews he ever did so hope you enjoy it. Andrew Watt from his new band California Breed also joins in. Get it now free and worldwide with Itunes or at www.podcastone.com Thanks for making The Eddie Trunk Podcast such an immediate hit. Been top 10 Itunes music since we launched!

Want to send my best wishes to my good friend Joey Kramer of Aerosmith. The band had to cancel some shows due to Joey having some heart issues. I texted him last night and he did respond telling me he will be fine. Let’s hope that’s the case! All the best Joey and get back to kicking ass with Aerosmith soon!

Headed to Bogota Colombia for the first time ever. I’ll be speaking at a music conference there tomorrow. It’s a quick trip but look forward to visiting. Have a nice weekend all.

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  • BT on

    Sounds like TMS won’t be back till after the first of the year.

  • jeez louise on

    Did you talk to Glenn about Jason not touring with him. I`m going to see them(California breed) in san Francisco opening for alter bridge and have to say I was disappointed hearing Jason wont be there.

    • SparkyDR99 on

      No luck Jeez Louise. It’s just a re-post of the same interview he did with him already. It was already played on the radio. Bummer.

  • Gerry G on


    Don’t hold back if you love Ace’s album, not to sound bias to keep a few idiots quiet who eat up every lie Gene & Paul feed the fans!

    I agree with all your Kiss comments and your standing …this is coming from a longtime fan since 76.

    I also know if u didn’t like his album u probably wouldn’t do a review at all.
    Hopefully his ace’s new album does very well I will be picking it up next week!


  • Frank Rizzo on

    Eddie just wondering if you have an update on why Jason Bonham left California Breed? Also will the vast majority of your interviews for the podcast be from older interviews from other media outlets you work for, more recent and fresh (such as the week of the actual podcast) or a combination of both? Keep up the great work!

  • Rich on

    Ace is a survivor, overcame addiction and went on to continue creating and making new albums. He is a role model for anyone dealing with addiction. He’s happy, engaged and I am happy for him. Plus, he’s taken nothing but abuse from former bandmates who are probably displeased to see him riding a wave of renewal – yet he maintains a great attitude and other than defending himself against crude remarks, stays above the fray. Gene is a d-k when it come to Ace. Period. I wish people had a backbone and took more of a stand against nothing but unsupportive and derogatory comments. Gene has money but as Ace has said no real friends. I hope Ace’s album sells a ton and even if it doesn’t, its new music made with passion and for that we should all be grateful.

    • Randy on

      Eddie huffs balls when he has an agenda. I know this wont be published cuz I speak the truth and everyone knows it

    • Eddie on

      not sure what this even means but thanks for being on my site and caring for what i do, which clearly you must to take the time..

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