As expected when I wrote an article yesterday in this space about certain people that can’t wait to POUNCE, twist, and distort things I found some people that did exactly that. It is a sad world we live in when “media” can constitute anyone with a blog, twitter feed or Facebook. When people filter out 95% positive things and only POUNCE and distort your opinion on one thing you don’t like to further their agendas. I see it every day on so many fronts and all you can do is laugh. The days of intelligent respectful debate are gone online. Even if you try to do that a certain percentage will just find a way to distort and POUNCE and take out of context anything to make them look better or smarter. Stunning some could reach the conclusions I took “shots” at Steel Panther for my preference to have seen a traditional metal band open for Priest, ignoring of course all the positives about the band in the post. In this day and age to some that is “taking shots”. That is sad and pathetic. Imagine if someone REALLY took a shot at someone? They’d need to go on a month apology tour!  But there will always be that element out there that lives to cause shit. I’ve been in this far to long to cave to that bullshit. But thanks to the internet there are so many screaming for attention that just live to knock people down a peg. More proof? Just over the weekend I went to dinner with Chris Jericho (oh, wait, I should have just said “a friend” because then I am a name dropper, another idiotic thing if I ever heard it!). The chef asked for a photo with me and Chris. I drove to the dinner in my convertible on a nice night. My hair was a mess. When the photo was posted to twitter it was nothing but comments about my hair? I mean you couldn’t make it up! After 30 years in the business I have heard it all and grown an awfully thick skin. But it is sad that this is the world we are in now. It isn’t everyone by any means. Don’t get me wrong, the great majority are people that are cool and respectful. But the bottom feeders who essentially make shit up are out there everywhere and just waiting to POUNCE as I knew they would…

Live SiriusXM show tonight 6-10P ET on channel 39. Bobby Blitz from Overkill in around 7, Night Ranger in to close the show around 9:15 ET. Join me for music and talk that rocks and maybe some open phones if we have time.

Pleased to announce my show is back on WAAF/Boston. It starts up 7/11 and will be on every Friday night starting 11P. Great to have them back with us on the syndicated show! This weekends Eddie Trunk Rocks will feature all American hard rock and metal for the 4th.

The Eddie Trunk Podcast launches 7/10 via Podcast One. Available free worldwide. More soon.

See you 7/16 at Retroactive in Myrtle Beach SC 5-7P. Both books for sale and a live radio broadcast with my Myrtle Beach affiliate. Should be a blast!

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  1. The great Chistopher Guest (Nigel Tufnel) would be the first to admit that the the guys in Steel Panther are better musicians than the guys in Spinal Tap. The problem for me with Panther is two-fold: (1) I already lived through that scene, big time, and, (2) while well-played, I find the songs pretty derivative, even generic. There’s no question, aside from the hilarious lyrics–these guys are acomplished rockers.

    When I go to a metal show I’m looking for badassedness. I want to suspend disbelief and get down with my bad self. Priest get’s it done, but I’m just not interested in the sexual posturing of a send-up glam band, no matter how good they are. It’s kind of like a double movie bill with Mel Brook’s The Producers and Spielberg’s Schindler’s List.

    1. People like different kinds of metal. Steel Panther’s parody is more poking fun at late eighties hair metal fashion and posturing than the actual music. Pastels, animal print, spandex, mucho hair, gender bending makeup added to the standard rock/metal stage prancing, throw in some naughty lyrics and jokes pulled of by decent entertainers and musicians, and you get Steel Panther.

      I think JP touring with SP is a great idea. Sometimes you have to laugh between the doom and gloom/badassery right?

    2. I respectfully disagree. Again, nothing against SP or their act, but Priest are metal icons and would be nice to see them help grow future metal bands working the genre. I don’t go to Priest to laugh, I go to work out anger! Haha

  2. Just wanna jump in here and give props to Dana (and of course Eddie also) for the way they moderate this board. I frequent this board (and a few others) and have to say that EVERYONE here is allowed to speak their mind so long as it done respectfully; that is NOT the case on many other boards. Many other boards ether a) delete any comments that don’t further the admin’s agenda or b) allow the wing nuts to take over and spend all their time in a flame war. I can’t speak for everyone but that is not why I go onto any of the sites that I visit; I personally seek out up to date info on my area of interests and if someone who I have been following for a few decades such as Ed finds the time to chime in and personally response (as well as share some personal anecdotes), so much the better. I come here expecting no more than that and, thankfully, rarely get less.

    So, again, thank you to both Eddie and Dana (and whoever else works behind the scenes) for keeping this site one of my favorites to visit. Rock On!!

    1. Bongi,

      Thank you so much. I really do appreciate, and value, all the kind words that I get from readers/posters on the site. It truly means a lot to me 🙂

      Dana from ET.com 🙂

  3. Of course I understand. TMS has a 1 hour time limit and there are commercials. I’m just glad to be able to hear and see our favorite bands discuss what’s going on in there lives even if it’s for only 10 mins. There the ones taking time out of there lives to chat with eddie you must Rember that some bands or artits choose to keep there lives closed or there music private and share it on tv by means of interviews or concerts. Would I like to see Ozzy on TMS sure so would all the other TMS fans out there I think Ozzy is a funny guy any way but the chance of that happing is 0% right now but never say never. I’d rather have TMS or eddies show that was time restricting than have no show at all. Eddies doing this for the fans cause he loves what he’s doing so much he’s a dedicated man to the metal and rock gender of music.

    Thank you eddie for what you do for us fans.
    Where’s your lifetime achevement award for being very active in the metal and rock community . You deserve one.

  4. speaking of bad pictures eddie.look at your gay photo in right hand box,the trunk report,that has to go.im sure florentine is killin u for that one.

    1. Gerry,

      Remind me to invite you to watch the Fashion Police with me. Remember to wear your Sunday best.

      Just kidding 😉

      Dana from ET.com 🙂

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