All new radio show this weekend for the syndicated Eddie Trunk Rocks program. This show now airs the same weekend on all radio stations so just check the listing on the Live & On the Air tab to find a station or stream near you. I’m also thrilled to announce the show is returning to Boston on WAAF in a couple weeks. More details soon but you will hear it there now on Friday nights 11P-2A. Great to have Boston back! This weekends show includes new music from Overkill, Accept and an interview with Tesla and much more. As usual on Q104.3 NYC 11P this Friday as well.

There will not be new episodes of TMS before October. All due to network budgets. When I have news will let you know. The gig at Thunder Valley Casino in Sacramento is a concert, NOT a TMS shoot. Thanks.

Live show Monday on SiriusXM 6-10P ET. Blitz from Overkill in studio. More soon.

The Eddie Trunk Podcast is coming 7/10! First guest and more TBA. It will be free and available via Itunes, Podcast One and other platforms as well. Please note the podcast will be all talk and no music. Podcasts are talk formats due to publishing clearance costs. Look forward to doing a wide variety of things with this platform and will answer your email on it as well from time to time.

Signed personalized copies of either of my books available here on this site. Just hit the Books tab and be sure to specify which book you are ordering. Thanks

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  • XTiN@ on

    Does this mean we have to wait all the way ’til October? That’s gonna be, like, forever! If so, will it still take place in New York like this past season?

  • Steve D. on

    Can’t wait for the podcast. Love your in depth interviews and discussions. You are like the Johnny Carson of radio. Yes, I’m that old…lol. But really, I look forward to your shows like I looked forward to watching Johnny in that even if I’m not a fan of the particular guest, you make it a desirable listen. How about a show with ACE where fans can submit questions ahead of time and you decide what is asked based on what you feel hasn’t been touched on and maybe never discussed? Just a thought.

  • garry on

    Network budgets? Viacom is low on funds? If VH1 would cancel all of the reality crap, they would have money for the highest rated show on cable!

    • Trapper Crane on

      I agree with Garry! VH1 should cancel all that garbage reality tv, and would have alot more money for our favorite show, TMS 🙂

    • XTiN@ on

      I’m glad I got VH1 Classic!! Doesn’t have those retarded reality shows and the nauseating top 40 music of today like MTV and VH1 does!

  • Trapper Crane on

    I would love a Ace special! I want to know if Ace is ever going to release the demo he has with Eric Carr on lead vocals. (Read from a Guitar World or Guitar Player Magazine interivew circa 1993)

  • Frank T. on

    Hi Eddie,

    I’m a big fan of yours and sincerely appreciate all that you do for rock & metal! One thing that is kind of “irking” me lately are your twitter posts announcing your listening to the new Slash record or the new Overkill. I know you’re Eddie Trunk and you’ve got tons of celebrity friends. I just don’t get why you have to tell the world that you’re listening to an album that won’t be out for nearly three months (Slash) & one month (Overkill). Is it necessary, seriously? In a way, perhaps I’m taking it wrong, but it seems a tad boastful or bragging like look at me I’m Eddie Trunk & I get special privileges. I just don’t think it’s right that you tell us you get special listening privileges while the rest of us have to wait for the record and pay for it. Sure I’m a little envious but it rubs me the wrong way when you tell us stuff like that. Whatever your response is albeit cordial or unfriendly, I’ll still be your fan and support you. I just needed to share my opinion with you. Have a good day. Thanks Eddie!

    • Eddie on

      Frank, the point of most people who follow me IS to find out what I am doing and to be let inside of that persons world. I have been in the music industry 30 years. One of the perks of it is hearing new music first. I also actually play the stuff too, A rarity sadly for most radio. By hearing it early I can tell you guys what it sounds like and if I like it. I can also decide what fits for my radio shows. I also tweet photos and info behind the scenes from rock shows which most fans will never see. It’s not being boastful, it’s to let you into that world, which again, is the whole reason anyone follows anyone on Twitter!

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