All new radio show this weekend for the syndicated Eddie Trunk Rocks program. This show now airs the same weekend on all radio stations so just check the listing on the Live & On the Air tab to find a station or stream near you. I’m also thrilled to announce the show is returning to Boston on WAAF in a couple weeks. More details soon but you will hear it there now on Friday nights 11P-2A. Great to have Boston back! This weekends show includes new music from Overkill, Accept and an interview with Tesla and much more. As usual on Q104.3 NYC 11P this Friday as well.

There will not be new episodes of TMS before October. All due to network budgets. When I have news will let you know. The gig at Thunder Valley Casino in Sacramento is a concert, NOT a TMS shoot. Thanks.

Live show Monday on SiriusXM 6-10P ET. Blitz from Overkill in studio. More soon.

The Eddie Trunk Podcast is coming 7/10! First guest and more TBA. It will be free and available via Itunes, Podcast One and other platforms as well. Please note the podcast will be all talk and no music. Podcasts are talk formats due to publishing clearance costs. Look forward to doing a wide variety of things with this platform and will answer your email on it as well from time to time.

Signed personalized copies of either of my books available here on this site. Just hit the Books tab and be sure to specify which book you are ordering. Thanks

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  1. Eddie, when I downloaded the iheart radio app, the first station I saved was Q104.3 just so I could hear your show but I also became a fan of the station itself. I love great classic rock but most stations play the same “hit” songs over and over with little or no deep tracks. Q104.3 is the best classic rock station I’ve heard. Bummer TMS won’t be back until October but at least there’s the reruns.

  2. Hey Eddie,

    This is my first time ever posting on here and I appreciate you (&Jim&Don)doing previews and stuff of artists new albums. Honestly if it weren’t for you, I probably would have never heard of bands like UFO, The Winery Dogs, Tesla, Black Country Communion or California Breed. These bands and others got me into music more than b4. I don’t think in any way you are being boastful but you are just doing what you’ve been doing for over 30 years! Keep on doing what your doing!

    @James – I am with U2…I’m from Pgh and I actually listen to Q104.3 now more than our Classic Rock channel 102.5 DVE cuz the Q has way more variety!

  3. Hi Eddie trunk just wanted to say thanks for a great radio show on Q104.3 in New York and TMS is allways rockin. May I suggest a vinyl segment on TMS maybe a look into a TMS fans vinyl collection. I have over 300 vinyl LP 70’s 80’s classic rock and heavy metal and 80’s pop. I’ve got a little of everything about 15 Rolling Stones LP albums 12 billy Joel albums every van halen album featuring David lee Roth and almost every Sammy era albums. I’ve got scorpions, Ratt , white snake , poison, Jefferson airplane starship, the who, moody blues. To much to name. Still got my turntable going strong. Everybody should switch to vinyl it’s just more nolstolgic. I got CDs but not the same as looking at a big LP album cover taking the record out of the sleeve. I even got your favorite band on LP UFO got 3 of theirs. Once again thanks for making TMS what it is today your the greastest. Sorry if I seemed liked I was barging about my record collection that wasn’t was intent.

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