My new podcast for the week is now up and features an exclusive interview with Sammy Hagar. The interview is already making news and is currently top 5 on Itunes as Sammy reveals exclusively that Van Halen is trying to stop him from playing Hagar era VH songs. As I have always said I love both eras of VH, and have been a fan of Sam’s since LONG before I knew him or he was in VH. He is the real deal and the most honest and transparent rock artist I have had the pleasure of interviewing and spending time with. The guy just speak openly and honestly about VH, Chickenfoot and much more. Agree or not you have to respect his open free flowing no BS approach. As much as I also love DLR era VH it is crazy that a HUGE part of the bands catalog with Sammy and a HUGE amount of hits have been left on the shelf. Van Halen won’t even remaster that portion of the catalog it seems. I get there was a falling out but it makes no sense to virtually ignore a HUGE portion of their history. Just the other day “Right Now” was playing during the NBA Finals. You can’t rewrite history and to many Van Hagar means as much as the DLR stuff. Hear the interview now free via www.podcastone.com or Itunes. Just search The Eddie Trunk Podcast.

News of the new Maiden album is interesting. Double album with LONG songs! Seems like Maiden are more and more channeling their prog side in their later years. The other thing that struck me about the info on the album is this maybe the least amount Steve Harris has ever written on a Maiden album. He still has many songs but not to the usual degree. Good to have new music coming and if they put out a release it must mean Bruce is going to be 100% which is most important!

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  • Doug R. on

    I agree Ed, I threw my 2 cents in on the 6/17 page.

  • RTunes68 on

    I’ve only read quotes from excerpts of this interview, but…..what doesn’t add up about Sam’s allegation against the Van Halens is that he just released a new live album (The Circle) with a lot of Van Hagar songs. If we’re to believe Sam, then he put out an album without proper legal sign-offs and permissions. I find that highly unlikely…or unbelievably stupid. It just seems like Sam spends a lot of time thinking about Ed and Al, and they spend no time thinking about him.

    • Eddie on

      Listen to the interview and it is explained. Anybody can do others music if they pay the publishing. That’s what covers are. But there are some restrictions for certain uses. For instance both Slash and Axl need to sign off on old GnR songs they wrote for use in DVD, commercials, etc.

    • RTunes68 on

      Ah, got it. Thanks, Ed. Been listening to you since I was a kid when you used to do “Metal News” at 11 p.m. on Friday nights on WDHA.

    • Mike Heaney on

      Pretty sure it was at midnight because the show started at 11. It was hosted by a female DJ with super long fingernails… but I could be wrong. But what I do know for sure was needing to take a break from whatever keg party I was at each Friday night to sit in my car and listen to the news. Since I lived in vernon, nj getting radio reception from rt 10 in dover was pretty sketchy so when I arrived at the party I made sure that the station came in clear where I parked. 10 or 15 min later I returned to the party with a wealth of knowledge to bestow upon my fellow metalheads. Then Eddie became the host of the show and the rest is history. Good times.

  • Kenneth Stratemeyer on

    If Eddie and Alex don’t play the Sammy material, then there’s no reason for them to try to stop Sammy from singing it with his band.

    This would be like if Tony Iommi has tried to stop Ronnie James Dio from doing “Heaven and Hell” with the Dio band.

    Eddie, you may have mentioned this before, but how do you feel about the more proggy Maiden of late? Both A Matter of Life & Death (2006) and The Final Frontier (2010) are very proggy, and this album looks like it’s taking it to the next level with three songs over ten minutes.

  • Michael B on

    Do you know who makes it hard to be a Van Halen fan sometimes? Van Halen themselves.

    It sounds like the new Maiden will be stellar, I can’t wait.

  • Jason Falkinham on

    The VH’s sat back and took years of crap from Sammy the Clown…it appears they’re coming back swinging. Poke the bear and you’re going to get bit!

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