My new podcast for the week is now up and features an exclusive interview with Sammy Hagar. The interview is already making news and is currently top 5 on Itunes as Sammy reveals exclusively that Van Halen is trying to stop him from playing Hagar era VH songs. As I have always said I love both eras of VH, and have been a fan of Sam’s since LONG before I knew him or he was in VH. He is the real deal and the most honest and transparent rock artist I have had the pleasure of interviewing and spending time with. The guy just speak openly and honestly about VH, Chickenfoot and much more. Agree or not you have to respect his open free flowing no BS approach. As much as I also love DLR era VH it is crazy that a HUGE part of the bands catalog with Sammy and a HUGE amount of hits have been left on the shelf. Van Halen won’t even remaster that portion of the catalog it seems. I get there was a falling out but it makes no sense to virtually ignore a HUGE portion of their history. Just the other day “Right Now” was playing during the NBA Finals. You can’t rewrite history and to many Van Hagar means as much as the DLR stuff. Hear the interview now free via www.podcastone.com or Itunes. Just search The Eddie Trunk Podcast.

News of the new Maiden album is interesting. Double album with LONG songs! Seems like Maiden are more and more channeling their prog side in their later years. The other thing that struck me about the info on the album is this maybe the least amount Steve Harris has ever written on a Maiden album. He still has many songs but not to the usual degree. Good to have new music coming and if they put out a release it must mean Bruce is going to be 100% which is most important!

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  1. I find it interesting that there are two sides of fans commenting here. Both the DLR and Sammy era’s of VH are great and I agree with Trunk. I remember growing up in Ca and going to a backyard party ( i still have the original flyer) The year VH made it big- It was fresh, new and no band rocked or was cooler. but right around Diver Downs DLR got wacky, too cocky and pathetic- that was why VH fired him. Sammy was already huge coming from Montrose and a pretty successful solo stint. No reason to take sides Both singers killed it. As for now Sammy voice just out shines DLR just listen to both recent work. I will also say VH decisions have always been suspect regardless I will continue to Rock both era’s via my vinyl collection and enjoy every minute Running with the Devils

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