Well we are FINALLY here on the eve of new episodes of That Metal Show! Just wanted to take a second to say thanks to everyone around the world for supporting this show. It is amazing that a show that started in 2008 is still alive and well and hitting it’s 100th episode in the coming new season 12. Been doing a bunch of press for the new season and the passion for it is as great as ever. When I started with VH1 Classic back in 2002 (anyone remember Hangin With?) I was pushing back then to do a metal talk show. In ’08 I was happy to finally get the pilot. Never did I think we would become the longest running show in VH1/VH1 Classic history! And that is all because of you guys watching and spreading the word. TMS has very much been the little show that could. Whatever budget restrictions we work under don’t seem to matter. Hey, one day maybe we can even afford a live band and HD! I even hear from people that don’t like metal but like to watch, and that is a HUGE thing to continue our growth. From 30 minutes to an hour, from the start in NY to now taping in LA, it has been a phenomenal ride with so many legendary guests and I am grateful.


This new season kicks off with 8 new shows starting tomorrow night at 11P ET on VH1 Classic. We’ve been off for a while so important to spread the word and let everyone know these are ALL NEW shows! We also have many first time guests and many new features as well as an all new set. We are always trying to evolve the show within the confines of what the network will allow and this is by far the biggest jump we have ever taken as far as the look and new features. Of course the same tone of the show and the much loved segments remain. Some of the other segments come in and out as you will see. I will be hosting the Bonzo Bash in NJ when it airs tomorrow here on the E Coast, but look forward to hearing your feedback here and on Twitter. Again, thanks and enjoy, and let’s hope for another 100 episodes soon!

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  1. Bang up job on the first episode of the new season, Eddie! Jason made for an awesome opening guest and the new features for the show are very cool. Thanks again for all your efforts and passion in keeping the metal torch lit.

  2. Awesome start to the season guys. The new set looks great. What a concept when the guest answers the questions that are asked. Thank you Jason. I did miss the top 5 and two minutes on the clock part of the show. Hope to see those again. A big thank you to Eddie and VH1 Classic for the best show on TV period. Please don’t make us have to wait soooooooooooo long for the next season when this one is over. Really looking forward to seeing Mr Rick Allen in a few weeks.

    1. Can someone please tell me the name of the band Jason mentions right before he mentioned Mastadon?

  3. TMS is my absolute favorite show. I DVR the reruns and watch them all the time, so glad to have the new season. Jason Newsted was awesome, he seemed to really enjoy himself on the set. That’s good to see. However, I really missed the Top 5 and Throwdown sections of the show. I certainly hope they will return very soon!! Still, loved it and will DVR a rerun this week to watch again. Also, can’t wait for Book 2 out in Sept.

  4. Hi Eddie,

    Great first new season show, and Jason Newsted was an amazing guest! Jason has really matured as a person and as an artist. The whole missing bass sound thing on the “…And Justice” album now makes sense. I’m so happy for Jason. I saw his gig a few weeks ago at the Highline Ballroom in NYC. Kick ass show, and the opening band called “Wilson”, (their from Detroit) was kick ass.

    The Lemmy mic is hilarious! I like many of the new segments — especially the segment with musicians like Bobby Blitz where they mention their musical influences and inspirations. As a guitar player myself I really dig that! We need more of Jennifer! Bring back the opening song/album lists! That is, in part, how I have discovered many bands and albums.

    One critique: the new set is elegant and clean, but I kind of prefer the old set, because the old set had more of that laid back feel of guys relaxing, lounging back, shooting the breeze, and talking about the music! The new set is neat, but I get the sense that the new set was imposed upon you guys by the corporate suits at VH1 and Viacom.

    You’re wrong about Black Sabbath! No Bill Ward = No Sabbath! \m/

  5. Hi Eddie,
    Thrilled to death that TMS is back!! Wish we didn’t have to wait so long between seasons. Loved the season premiere. I do miss the Top 5 and the throwdown, but after listening to your XM show I do understand why it was left out but PLEASE don’t completely get rid of it. Sprinkle it in there!! And get on VH1s’ ass about having more episodes per season, 8 IS NOT ENOUGH!!!

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