Well we are FINALLY here on the eve of new episodes of That Metal Show! Just wanted to take a second to say thanks to everyone around the world for supporting this show. It is amazing that a show that started in 2008 is still alive and well and hitting it’s 100th episode in the coming new season 12. Been doing a bunch of press for the new season and the passion for it is as great as ever. When I started with VH1 Classic back in 2002 (anyone remember Hangin With?) I was pushing back then to do a metal talk show. In ’08 I was happy to finally get the pilot. Never did I think we would become the longest running show in VH1/VH1 Classic history! And that is all because of you guys watching and spreading the word. TMS has very much been the little show that could. Whatever budget restrictions we work under don’t seem to matter. Hey, one day maybe we can even afford a live band and HD! I even hear from people that don’t like metal but like to watch, and that is a HUGE thing to continue our growth. From 30 minutes to an hour, from the start in NY to now taping in LA, it has been a phenomenal ride with so many legendary guests and I am grateful.


This new season kicks off with 8 new shows starting tomorrow night at 11P ET on VH1 Classic. We’ve been off for a while so important to spread the word and let everyone know these are ALL NEW shows! We also have many first time guests and many new features as well as an all new set. We are always trying to evolve the show within the confines of what the network will allow and this is by far the biggest jump we have ever taken as far as the look and new features. Of course the same tone of the show and the much loved segments remain. Some of the other segments come in and out as you will see. I will be hosting the Bonzo Bash in NJ when it airs tomorrow here on the E Coast, but look forward to hearing your feedback here and on Twitter. Again, thanks and enjoy, and let’s hope for another 100 episodes soon!

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  • Doug on

    Eddie you guys are awesome, I’ve always been a fan of metal but my generation of grunge music made it not cool to be a metal guy.It was always my thing and didn’t have any friends that got into it really,especially the hair metal which my uncle got me into at age 9 when it was over.That metal show makes me proud and its so cool to see people that love it like I do,and look forward to tommorow night! Operation mindcrime is the best album start to finish haha had to throw that in!!!

  • George on

    Thank you for 100 episodes of that metal show loving the new set. A lot of people ask can you get this artist on the show or that one or why isn’t he on the show.It bugs me that people would still ask after all these years. People should be greatful for who vh1 and eddie can get on the show. We just have to face it Ozzy gene David lee Roth and others will probably never come on the show its their choice. I’d be happy with just Sammy Hagar every week because he’s a funny guy and very interesting person to listen to . You guys do a outstanding job on the show as hosts and also guest wise production wise and every thing else. If it wasnt for you jim and john we metal heads wouldn’t have a talkshow where we can hear and see our favorite metal singers/groups just open up to the fans about their world and lifestyle. Thank you.

  • NWBHM fan on

    Hi, Eddie. Congrats on the new season–looking forward to the new episodes. I’ve been watching TMS for years but don’t remember ever seeing anyone from the Welsh power trio Budgie on the show. Has Burke Shelley ever been on TMS? I know you don’t have any control when it comes to selecting the guests, but is there a chance you might do a short “where are they know?” update on Shelley or the rest of the band some day? I heard he was pretty ill a few years ago and wondered if he and the band might ever play again. I figure if anyone knows the answer it might very well be “the Trunk.” Thanks!

  • Mike on

    It’s great to see the show back on. I’m hoping next season you bring back the Top 5 back for all episodes. Also, the new set is pretty plain. It doesn’t have a metal feel but more of a modern look. Also, what happened to the Throw Down? Seems like VH1 eliminated the segments the fans liked.

  • Carlos on

    This show is very important to have on the air……as simple as that. I love it and it has exposed me to so many great bands that I would spend all day listing here, from Rush to Heart to Thin Lizzy and the list goes on. Thank you to VH1 Classic for continuing to put it on the air and of course to Eddie Trunk for everything he does for this music. It makes a hell of a difference =)

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