Happy to announce the new season of That Metal Show is done! Had a great couple shows yesterday to wrap it all up with Corey Taylor and Josh Rand of Stone Sour, Dave Lombardo, Steve Vai, Rob Zombie, John 5 and Tom Keifer. These shows are all new with many new features and an all new set. It truly is TMS 2.0 and I think you guys will like it. The audiences and artists were all great and you will see it all when new shows kick off 6/1 11P ET on VH1 Classic. Much more to report when back live on SiriusXM this Monday at 6P ET on channel 39 and if you follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk tons of news and photos there too.


Saw Jason Newsted’s new band last night here at The Roxy. Really thick heavy stuff. Very promising and the most metal thing from Jason in a long time. Great to have him back. Even did “Whiplash”.


Last night here in LA tonight. The Golden Gods Awards happen tonight and I’ll be attending for a bit to check it out. The show is live in AXS TV. I’m not doing anything in the shiow itself, just hanging this year. Then tomorrow super early flight from LA directly to Baltimore where ths years M3 Festival goes down this weekend! Once again I’ll be there Friday night and Saturday as a guest host. Then finally home to NJ at some point Sunday after 2 weeks of non stop rock craziness!

Judas Priest is screening their new concert film Epitaph at the Clearview Theater Chelsea in NYC May 14th. Rob Halford and Richie Faulkner will be in attendance and I will host. This is open to the public so get your tickets now and also win them on my Q104 show along with the DVD May 10th. Also Rob & Richie will be in studio for my SiriusXM show live 5/10. More details soon.

Been a great run here in LA, can’t wait for you guys to see these all new TMS episodes starting 6/1!

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    1. Did you hear the last poison record? We don’t need anything new from poison.

  1. I know you are happy to be going home Eddie. Too bad everything you have to do in California is in LA, because up north here in San Francisco its a much better place. Hope you can make plans to visit.

  2. hay eddie, cant waite to see the new shows! i havent missed one yet and so glad its back for all us metal heads! best show on tv. u guys rock…long live metal.

  3. i wish nikki sixx or the rest of them would come on. i seen the one with vince but nikki has to be one of the coolest rock stars iv ever meet. an have meet alot. not like u tho eddie.

  4. Eddie, Sixx has his own Siris channel. When can we expect to hear the Trunk channel 24hrs?
    HairNation is ok at best, but if the Trunk ran it, then it would be Awesome with a capital A!

    1. That would be up to SiriusXM, not me, but I appreciate the thought and would of course love it one day. Thanks

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