Hope all the Mom’s had a nice Mothers Day yesterday. Spent the day with my family and it was a good one.


Had a great time hosting the Old Bridge Metal Militia metal benefit for Hurricane Sandy victims in NJ this past Saturday. What a trip down memory lane it was with so many old school metal fans and bands that turned up. The venue was sold out and everyone stayed through six hours of music and more. Lords Of Mercy, The Rods, Raven, Anvil, Twisted Sister and TT Quick all played 40 minute sets to great response. All donated the time to help the cause. A great vibe and spirit in the room and many special guests hung out as well. Snake from Skid Row even came down and jammed with TS on Under The Blade. Many cool auction items were given away as well to add extra dollars for the cause. It was amazing seeing these old photos on the screen the Militia had running of the old metal days of NJ with so many bands in the early 80’s. Even saw an old Megaforce Records Christmas card up there I totally forgot about with me and the staff back in the day. Great memories and great work by all who contributed to make it happen. Thanks to Jon & Marsha Z for having me as host. For me the highlight was seeing the TT Quick reunion. It had been so long since they played a set and with Mark now singing in Accept no clue if/when we get another show. But they should have been huge and still have it. Crushing set and Dave Di Pietro is one of the most underrated players ever. Just an awesome night for a great cause.


I’ll be live tonight at 6-10P ET / 3-7 Pacific with Rob Halford and Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest live in studio! They will be discussing the new Priest concert film Epitaph and I even have some copies to giveaway on DVD. Be sure to tune in and join to conversation at 866-315-2663 LIVE starting 6P sharp ET. The show can be heard on Sirius or XM channel 39 or vis the stream app (Hair Nation). You must have a subscription to hear Sirius or XM.


Halford called in to my FM show this past Friday night. Was great speaking with him and this show airs on all affiliates and online outlets this weekend. He discussed his work with Metallica, 5FDP, the future of Priest and of course the Epitaph DVD, which really is very cool. This show is free and can be heard on all my syndicated outlets and online outlets this weekend.


Finally on the Priest front I will be hosting a screening of the Epitaph film tomorrow/Tues in NYC at Clearview Chelsea Cinema on 23rd St in NYC. This is open to the public and Richie and Rob will be there to intro the film on the big screen. Gave away some tix on Q104 show this past Friday. Starts 7:45, see you there.


New TMS premiere just a few weeks away, the new shows start airing June 1 on VH1 Classic. I’ll get you a complete premiere schedule very soon and will post it here.


Rocklahoma 2013 almost here! I leave for OK a week from Wed. Should be a great Memorial weekend with GnR, AIC, Cheap Trick, Ratt, Korn and many more. Honored to be hosting it once again this year.


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  1. RAVEN’s set was barely 30 minutes before some stage goon cut them off, WTF? And RAVEN were one of the night’s best! Also – People paid tons of extra cash for a meet-and-greet but Dee was the only person from TS to show up, and even he showed up late, WTF? Other than that, it was a GREAT night, and all bands (except TS) were awesome and super-cool to hang out. Maybe an underground follow-up benefit would be nice – I nominate Whiplash, Medieval and Blessed Death! BTW, you’re looking considerably healthier these days, good for you!

    1. All of TS was at the M&G because I sat right next to them, but I do think they got there late so if you were in the first part of the line might have missed them. I didn’t run this event but thanks

  2. Eddie…..know anything about the band Sea Hags? I was reading a Classic Rock magazine (great mag) and it had a list of best one album wonders, and this band was one of them. I’d never heard of ’em.

    1. I have a cassette tape of the Sea Hags…they are pretty good…sound kinda like Britney Fox..but blueser………………..

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