Jam packed radio show last night! If you missed the interviews they will be On Demand on the SiriusXM app and no doubt online soon. Had Stephen Pearcy and Bobby Blotzer on separately talking about the Ratt situation. It sounds like this is pretty nasty at the moment but also sounds like there could be a possible resolution at some point. Stephen is open to making an album but clearly has issues with Blotzer it seems. Ratt truly was/is a great band that made some great records. Sucks when this stuff happens but we have seen it many times in the music business. From the Ratt perspective all options seem to be on the table so we will see what the next moves are. All I can do is present both sides with equal time and that’s what I did. Everyone can make their decisions from there.

Also thanks to M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold for checking in. I’m about to leave for FL where I look forward to seeing the band live for the first time tomorrow at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood along with Hellyeah and Adrenaline Mob. I will be selling and signing my book outside Hard Rock Live tomorrow starting 6PM. No ticket needed to get to me FYI.

Also thanks to Kip Winger for calling in. Winger has a new album out now called Better Days Coming.

I will be back for a live show on Q104.3 NYC this Friday at 11PM ET.

Not a surprise non Geoff Tate version of the band got the rights to the name. This should alleviate any confusion. What I am waiting to see is exactly what Geoff can bill his band as? That has not yet been revealed and has no doubt been decided as part of the long negotiation. Geoff also retains the rights to Mindcrime full performances in his settlement with the band. More to come and I wish both camps well.

New Priest song sounds cool but I refuse to really comments on music unless I have it sent in a proper way. The song was not made available commercially until today and listening to compressed streams on phones and computers is not how I want to asses and crank new music. I look forward to the album and glad the guys are getting ready to do stuff again.

Been listening to the new Tesla album which is out in June. Really great hard rock as usual from these guys. I’ll play it when the band gives me the green light.

Don’t forget coming to the Troc in Philly this Saturday night with Don and Jim for our live show. Both books available for sale at this event as well. Been a bit since I’ve been in Philadelphia, look forward to seeing you all there or in S FL tomorrow night.

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  1. Bobby and Warren of RATT need to get a new singer and move on. Ratt would be a great band if they had someone who could sing fronting the band. Stephen is one of the worse singers I’ve ever heard. He sounds like he’s talking the lyrics live. May as well be a rapper.

  2. I’ve never met Bobby, but I can verify that Stephen treats his fans like shit. He is a total ass. Dealing with someone like him must be tough, plus you can tell Bobby is a take no shit kind of guy. Gasoline met fire.

  3. Also, one thing that gets me is Bobby talking the money. He says Ratt gets $50,000 then goes on two say the split the money 4 ways (original members)………poor Carlos. Does he get anything? He is talked about like an after thought. I don’t think Bobby mentioned his name once.

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