Jammed LIVE Trunk Nation tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39. I will cover the Ratt story and hear from both Stephen Pearcy and Bobby Blotzer (at different times). Also M Shadows from A7X checks in and Kip Winger. Tentative schedule for tonight:

6:30: M Shadows

7P: Stephen Pearcy

8P: Kip Winger

9P: Bobby Blotzer

All times ET. Show is LIVE and I will take your calls too. Join me for music & talk that rocks live tonight!

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  1. C’mon, Eddie! You have radio gold if you get Bobby and Stephen on at the same time! 😀

    BTW, will you PLEASE play some Teramaze for me tonight????

  2. Hope to see a recap of the show. Especially the Ratt interviews. Now that the Queensryche soap opera is over and the Kiss HOF is done, someone had to take over the Heavy Metal soap opera!

  3. Wow Eddie, great show as always! My thoughts on the RATT boys are this. Stephen sounded like a politician. Never really answered anything. He kept saying how he can do whatever he wants now. I’m curious what kind of clout Stephen has in 2014 without the other RATT guys? I cant say I’ve ever heard any solo stuff from Stephen. Bobby’s right. With him and Ratt they can play festivals, but Stephen solo is gonna be in bars. Judging by his voice recently maybe it’s time to hang it up. Based on content, Bobby answered more questions and got deeper in 30 minutes than Stephen did in an entire hour! Based on what I’ve heard so far, and Stephen’s history, I gotta side with Bobby for now. It just sucks being a huge Ratt fan that this drama keeps happening.

    Also Eddie, cool to hear from Kip. Seems like an awesome guy. I heard him mention his days with Alice briefly but would love to hear more about that if you ever get him on again. Thanks Ed, youre the best!!!!

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