Hope everyone had a great weekend. Thanks for all the great response to this past weekends TMS. Again everyone freaking aver the ability of John 5. The bit he did playing up by the tuning pegs was something he thinks might have never been done before. Of all the amazing players we have had on John is the guy that gets the most reaction. In the beginning it was because most had not heard of him, now it’s just “holy shit’! Catch him now on his solo tour if you can. I had to miss it in NYC because of a snow storm. I also did an in depth interview with him you can hear in my free podcast on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com Thanks also to Dave Lombardo. Dave was a great sport and great to spend some time with him. Clearly Slayer is still a hot button topic he didn’t want to spend a ton of time on, but we did get to get something from him. Dave was also a guest on my recent podcast if you’d like to grab that one and hear more. And it was cool to have the Motorhead guys on a couple minutes from the studio. Lemmy looked in good health which is most important! We tape episode 4 tomorrow and you will see it this Saturday. Variety is the word for this weekend with Darrell McDaniels (who is doing a metal band!), Gary Holt, Marky Ramone, David Coverdale on Skype and Joel Hoekstra on guitar! Should be a jam packed wild one and we will touch on all kinds of stuff no doubt. Remember you can see TMS and extras online at www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com Thanks for watching our new season!

Speaking of my podcast it is up for an award in the annual Podcast Awards. Voting is open now and you can vote for me once a day! Just go to www.podcastawards.com , register and vote for mine under “Cultural/Arts”. Thanks!

My next live appearance is this Friday night at The Music Factory in Battle Creek MI. Come and join me for an evening of stories and Stump The Trunk on stage! Info on the home page for all appearances.

Live SiriusXM show today 6-10Pm ET channel 39 TRUNKNation. Join me for music and talk that rocks. Dee Snider expected to be a guest.

Frank Hannon of Tesla is the guest on my latest podcast. All are 100% FREE and on Itunes or www.podcastone.com

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  • Brian Coddington on

    Hi Eddie, Huge Kiss fan here. On Stump The Trunk you missed the Ace song Torpedo Girl from Unmasked. Rock on my friend!

    • Eddie on

      Yes I am aware. But the question was the album Ace had the most on, not the songs. Thanks

    • Brian Coddington on

      You are right Eddie. I am the same age as you and love trying to answer the questions on TMS. I pause it after the question and see if I can get it right. I have never missed a Kiss one! Maybe one day on the show instead of you answering questions alone someone in the audience can compete with you. Just a thought. Thanks

    • Eddie on

      That’s why I now do live shows on the road. Great bar drinking game! I’ll be in Battle Creek MI this Friday.

  • Not TheNoob on

    Hey Eddie,

    Another great TMS episode. I wish the show was on year round.

    I would like to point out that there is a second correct answer, and an arguable third, to John 5’s Stump The Trunk question: Which KISS studio album has the most songs written by Ace Frehley?

    You correctly answered Unmasked, which contains Ace’s tunes “Talk To Me” and “Two Sides Of A Coin”, as well as “Torpedo Girl” which he co-wrote with Ringo Starr’s buddy Vini Poncia. (BTW – great callback to the season premiere episode.)

    A second correct answer would be Hotter Than Hell, which contains Ace’s “Parasite” and “Strange Ways”, plus “Coming Home” which was co-written with Paul Stanley.

    The arguable third answer is Dynasty, which contains two songs with 100% credit given to Ace; “Hard Times” and “Save Your Love”.

    I’m really looking forward to this week’s episode with DMC & Marky Ramone!

    Keep on rockin’,

    your fact checkin’ guy (another callback to the season premiere)

    • Eddie on

      Great call on Hotter Than Hell! I also wish it was all year! Thanks for watching

    • Brian Coddington on

      I didn’t think Hotter Than Hell would count because I was assuming he met lead vocals.

  • john eismon on

    Eddie, loving the new TMS season already. Thank you. I just have to ask how come I never hear any of you guys ever mention Nazareth. Give them some love if you can.

    • John George on

      I’ve also wondered why they never mention “Nazareth”. The 4 albums; Razzmanaz; Rampant; Loud n Proud; and of course “Hair Of The Dog” are classic Hard Rock albums.

    • D. Comiskey on

      Because no one ever plays ANYTHING other than “Hair of the Dog,” EVER, on radio. Hell, I see it pop up ALL THE TIME on Sirius and I’m quick to change the channel.

      Anyway, last week was a great episode. Dave and John were excellent guests.

  • Jason Falkinham on

    Looking forward to this weeks top 5…I hope Rocket Queen makes that list.

  • James K. on

    Great show Eddie. John 5’s playing, once again, was just out of this world! What an incredible and creative as a guitarist! The Rudy Sarzo incident from the second episode, “Sarzogate” as I am now calling it, seems to be something you’ll catch Hell about for a while, mainly because Don and Jim will use any opportunity to poke fun at you for it. But dude, you redeemed yourself some last week by throwing Rudy’s name out during Stump The Trunk and it was the correct answer. That was amazing and funny at the same time!

    I was one of those people who was not thrilled, to say the least, when it was first announced that Darrell McDaniels was going to be one the show. It’s nothing personal against him, it’s simply because I can’t stand rap music and didn’t think he belongs on the show. But I’m going to watch this week’s episode with an open mind, mostly because I will always support the show and I believe in and I’m also eternally grateful for all that you, Don and Jim do for the music we all live and breathe. You guys are the best! And I knew there had to be be some kind of metal connection to him being on the show and now you’re letting us know he has a metal band. It’s probably going down in history as the single most diverse TMS episode ever with a Rap legend, a Punk Rock legend and a Thrash Metal legend all on the same show!

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