Hope everyone had a great weekend. Thanks for all the great response to this past weekends TMS. Again everyone freaking aver the ability of John 5. The bit he did playing up by the tuning pegs was something he thinks might have never been done before. Of all the amazing players we have had on John is the guy that gets the most reaction. In the beginning it was because most had not heard of him, now it’s just “holy shit’! Catch him now on his solo tour if you can. I had to miss it in NYC because of a snow storm. I also did an in depth interview with him you can hear in my free podcast on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com Thanks also to Dave Lombardo. Dave was a great sport and great to spend some time with him. Clearly Slayer is still a hot button topic he didn’t want to spend a ton of time on, but we did get to get something from him. Dave was also a guest on my recent podcast if you’d like to grab that one and hear more. And it was cool to have the Motorhead guys on a couple minutes from the studio. Lemmy looked in good health which is most important! We tape episode 4 tomorrow and you will see it this Saturday. Variety is the word for this weekend with Darrell McDaniels (who is doing a metal band!), Gary Holt, Marky Ramone, David Coverdale on Skype and Joel Hoekstra on guitar! Should be a jam packed wild one and we will touch on all kinds of stuff no doubt. Remember you can see TMS and extras online at www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com Thanks for watching our new season!

Speaking of my podcast it is up for an award in the annual Podcast Awards. Voting is open now and you can vote for me once a day! Just go to www.podcastawards.com , register and vote for mine under “Cultural/Arts”. Thanks!

My next live appearance is this Friday night at The Music Factory in Battle Creek MI. Come and join me for an evening of stories and Stump The Trunk on stage! Info on the home page for all appearances.

Live SiriusXM show today 6-10Pm ET channel 39 TRUNKNation. Join me for music and talk that rocks. Dee Snider expected to be a guest.

Frank Hannon of Tesla is the guest on my latest podcast. All are 100% FREE and on Itunes or www.podcastone.com

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  1. Best new show on TV? Rock Icons! 3 great episodes in a row, and next week’s show with Ann Wilson will make it 4 in a row. I nominate Rock Icons for an Emmy! See ya. 😉

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