LIVE show tonight on Q104.3 NYC from 11P-2A ET. Guests will include Geoff Tate and Dug Pinnick. Dug has a new band called KXM with Ray Luzier and George Lynch that is some slamming new stuff! Will play sone of that and catch up with him and also get the latest from Geoff on his Ryche. Also plenty of new and classic hard rock and metal. Listen live in NYC area over 104.3 FM or the free stream anywhere in the US using the free iHeartradio app or at www.q1043.com


ALL NEW TMS tomorrow night with Mick Mars!


Many have asked me the status of the Hell & Heaven Festival in Mexico City next week. I am being told it is still on however if I get new information I will post ASAP.

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  • Daniel on

    Just read that the Mexico festival is cancelled.

    • Eddie on

      Not confirmed but something up it seems

  • Daniel on

    My source was the Atlanta journal constitution, but they have definitely been wrong before. I love the show, by the way.

  • robert pearl on

    Pearcy and the ratt camp are splitting up….again! Grow up guys. Another front man replaced with remaining members. Who will it be this time? Jizzy pearl, Robert mason, marq torien

    • chad on

      Not true…ratt are almost completely finished with follow up to Infestation. Juan,Carlos,Stephen,Warren,Bobby!!!…also shows signed for April.

    • Scott on

      Jack Russell’s RATT

  • David C on

    Looking forward to seeing Mick Mars on TMS this weekend. Crue has always sounded better in the studio than live, which makes them pale in comparison to many of their contemporaries including Van Halen, Metallica, AC/DC, Maiden, and Priest. In all reality, their musicianship doesn’t rate that high. Mars is good guitarist…I wouldn’t call him “underrated” or “great” like some have here, but none the less he is an important figure in the LA music scene. Hope all is well with him…he’s had many documented health issues.

  • Jon on

    Washington Post is now echoing the original report. If so, this really stinks for the Mexican fans and others from all over who had plans to be there.

    If it is indeed cancelled, it’d be interesting to get Eddie’s take on security challenges for these massive shows, and how it affects bands.

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