We’ve reached the half way point of season 14 of the new season of That Metal show. We tape episode 6 today (Tuesday) in NYC with a first time guest, continued major variety, and some returning guests. Returning on guitar will be Frank Hannon of Tesla. Sit down guests will be Mark Tremonti and for the first time Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless. Also as a late addition Mark, Jay Jay and Eddie from Twisted Sister will join us for a couple minutes to remember Twisted Sister drummer AJ Pero who passed away this past Friday. Another jam packed show that premieres this Saturday at 9P ET on VH1C. Info and photos from the set via Twitter @EddieTrunk

I had brand new interviews with Mike Orlando and Russell Allen of Adrenaline Mob and Jay Jay French tonight discussing the passing of AJ. Hear these complete interviews in a special Eddie Trunk Podcast posting this Thursday. As usual it is free and available to download or stream at www.podcastone.com or on Itunes.

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  • Randy Cunningham on

    Lots of folks have given their two cents on the new season so far .
    I’m wondering what you think about the shows-how have they ranked according to your plans before the season began?
    As the host, how does this group of shows compare to previous seasons?
    Have the new ideas you’ve implemented caused you to think about what you might want to do in future episodes?

  • James K. on

    Last week’s TMS was special because of Jason Becker. That guy is the ultimate inspiration. He is the definition of bravery.

  • Michael Patrickt on

    I know I am going to get slammed because I love TMS and been a fan since day one, but before everyone gangs up on Ray, I have to stay (and I mean no disrespect to Eddie or anyone here) but I haven’t enjoyed the show as much this season either. As someone else said, metal isn’t very popular these days and that is the VERY REASON why I would like to see the show stick to the old school hard rockers and metal artists. I realize the newer heavy bands don’t get a ton of press either but VH1 Classic isn’t drawing many teenagers to the network, it appeals mainly to old school fans like most of us are (though I am growing tired of the network shying away from music and showing the same four or five movies over and over again and the video shows like Metal Mania repeat the same 50 videos over and over again). Put it this way, someone like Yngwie Malmsteen would be lucky to sell even 10,000 copies of an album these days in the United States. Why not let the older artists have a chance for a little press because the mainstream isn’t going to give it to them.

    I thought having McDaniels from Run DMC was fine though because he is a metal fan and actually had some metal stories to tell. I do think the Leave it On the Table segment is a time waster because all of them say pretty much the same thing. Plus add one more minute to the Throwdown at the end of the show. Some of the artist don’t have time to say anything.

    I guess my criticism is take a show like the Anthrax one. I like Anthrax but they seemed bored to be there for the most part and most of the talk was more like an inside joke between Eddie and company. It felt more like a high school reunion which is fine for Eddie and the Anthrax guys but doesn’t make for great, professional television. Just my two cents.

    • Eddie on

      I have nothing to do with what the network does. As for TMS is MUST grow and evolve into other things after 14 season or it dies. Some scream for new bands. others scream for staying all old. It is IMPOSSIBLE to make all happy. We have a good balance and mix and always try new things. There is SO much that goes on behind booking these shows. Maybe one day I will share it in my next book. And yes, interviewing close friends like Anthrax is actually the hardest thing to do, but many loved that show. Thanks for watching

  • Alexander on

    I wish we had a show similar to TMS here in Greece. I’ve been a fan of the show two years now and it’s always a pleasure to watch new episodes. I appreciate the fact that you try to mix things up with new segments and younger acts and not following a pattern. There is a ballance in there and that keeps it interesting. As far as the new episode, Taylor seemed like a smart girl and made me think that people should pay more attention to the essence of things and not get distracted by meaningless factors. A lot of magazines and sites are responsible for this way ot thinking. Appart from that, it was great to see Frank up there. Top player. Enjoyed it and can’t wait to see the next one!

    • Eddie on

      Love to know how you see it in Greece but glad you do! Thanks!

    • Alexander on

      To be honest with you I find the episodes through several sites. Even the very first seasons. The collection is pretty huge! Also the last eight seasons (including season 14) are available for streaming on vh1.com (strangely enough using tablet only, unavailable on pc). Thank you and the guys for such a quality show!

    • Alexander on

      Correction. I said two years when it could probably be four. There was a long gap between episodes. Anyway, no more “whatever happened to TMS”!

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