Look forward to being back live on my radio shows for the first time in a few weeks due to travel. Hope you enjoyed my Rush interview with Geddy and Alex that aired last week on Q104.3. Remember that show airs on all my FM affiliate stations this weekend usual date and time as well as various online outlets. Just check the drop downs on this site for Syndication info and a list of stations if you missed it. It will also be On Demand here for AA Members of the site and we will have video and bonus content of that interview posting here Monday. AA Members get exclusive look at that for a week, then free to all. If you’d like to become an AA Member of this site info is right on the banner, just click on it on home page.

Tonight I’m live on Q104.3 NYC starting 11P ET. New music from Black Star Riders (Thin Lizzy) and singer Ricky Warwick calls in. Also a live interview with Rex Brown of Pantera / Kill Devil Hill and new music from Deep Purple. Much more! Listen online outside NYC area at www.q1043.com or with the free iheartradio app. Show is live 11P-2A ET. Also M3 tickets to giveaway.

This Monday back live on SiriusXM channel 39 Trunk Nation (Hair Nation) 6-10P Eastern/3-7 Pacific. Snake Sabo will be my guest co-host and we will world premiere new Skid Row. I will also world premiere new Queensryche (with Todd) at 7P ET. Also Michael Sweet of Stryper is expected to drop in later in the show. Plus both shows will have all the news from the Monsters cruise and more. Remember SiriusXM show does not repeat and is not On Demand (NOT up to me, sorry, no clue), so catch it or record it!

Finally I am thrilled to be a part of a benefit for victims of Hurricane Sandy for NJ in Freehold May 11th with Twisted Sister, The Rods, Anvil, Raven, Lords Of Mercy, Snake Sabo, Jim Florentine, and just confirmed TT Quick. This should be a great night of metal to benefit those in my home state put together by my former boss at Megaforce the legendary Jonny Z. More info at www.oldbridgemetalmilitia.com


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  1. Hey eddie,I don’t know who updates the website,But can someone please update the FM Playlist section for Q104 (friday night rocks)…I have it on in the garage during my weekly card games and do not know who all of the NEW artists are that you play because of all the guys talking..i would love to support the artists and buy the music,but I need to know who they are first…The page is 2 months behind on playlist updates..Thanks

    1. I do it when I can, thanks, MUCH to do so that is not top priority. I do announce every artist and song I play always. Thanks

  2. Eddie, in the Rush interview you mentioned that you wanted to hear Cygnus X-1 in 5.1… that already exists! Fly By Night, Farewell To Kings and Signals were all re-released in 5.1 versions in the “Sector” box sets a couple of years back. I’m guessing based on the fact that Alex didn’t mention them to you that the band was not involved in those remixes (although they did do a little promotion for the Sector sets when those came out) like they have been for Moving Pictures and 2112, but 5.1 releases for those albums ARE out there. And they’re pretty good.

    “Snakes & Arrows” was also released in 5.1, BTW, with the band’s blessing….

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