Off to NYC to tape this weeks new That Metal Show. Peter Criss will be our guest for the hour. Clearly much to cover with Peter and he hasn’t been on with us in a long time since the show was just 30 minutes. Ace Frehley was supposed to join us for this show but is stuck on the W Coast on a deadline for his new album. We will catch up with him at a later date. For the record ALL members of Kiss are invited through their management every season of TMS. We can only talk with and get the opinions of those that accept the invitation. Should be a fun show and you will see it premiere this Saturday 11P ET on VH1 Classic.

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  • Don on

    Paul Stanley was asked on Twitter this morning if he was going to watch the upcoming TMS episode with Peter. He referred to TMS as Wayne’s World and said he would not be watching, lol. The drama continues….

    • Eddie on

      We call it Wayne’s World, so he must be watching!

    • Bob Esssrin on

      You have never referred to your show as Wayne’s World while on camera. Such BS.

    • Eddie on

      I have in many interviews. Honestly I couldn’t care less. If you take offense to that comments than Paul just offended a HUGE part of his fans because they all watch the show. More Kiss shirts in our audience on a regular basis than just about any band. Not to mention if that’s intended as a shot our little Wayne’s World was good enough for Aerosmith, Sabbath, AC/DC, Axl Rose, Rush and many more!

  • Tony on

    I love all eras of KISS but man – Paul Stanley can really be a fucking Baby at times.

  • V.F.T. on

    Make no mistake, the current lineup WILL be watching this. It’s too bad Ace had to cancel. Looking forward to seeing this episode nonetheless.

  • Frank T. on

    How come we haven’t heard what Thomas Thayer & Eric Singer have to say about all of this? Has anyone asked either of them if they feel they belong in the RRHOF wearing Ace & Peter’s make-up? Maybe because most fans don’t give two shits about them? I respect & like Eric Singer out of the make-up. He came to the band during a very difficult time following the passing of Eric Carr & did a great job on Revenge, one of the best Kiss albums. He also played on the worst Kiss album, CarnivalOf Souls & then the 70’s tribute to the original line-up called Sonic Boom & then Munster which is not a good Kiss record at all. This whole wearing the originals make up is like saying to someone go put on Joe Montana’s jersey, throw on the helmet & play. No one will tell the difference. Please.

    • Joe Pensanti on

      We haven’t heard from Tommy and Eric because they are not allowed to speak unless Gene and Paul tell them they can. I don’t know about anyone else, but in recent pictures (last 2 years tops) of Eric he looks tired and bored, possibly fed up. I wonder what is going through his head…

  • Joe Pensanti on

    Paul Stanley’s vocals in concert sound like a dying bullfrog struggling with a ballgag firmly entrenched in his mouth. Since 2008 he has sounded just awful. Yet charges people attending just the same. whatever happened to Paul’s stance of “If you cannot give your fans 100% every night you shouldn’t go out on tour”…? The milk has run dry and the cow is begging to be put down. And this is a 5 star general in the KISS Army since 1976 saying this. Eddie Trunk tells it like it is, always has, always does, always will. Stanley the Parrot can say what he wants, sure, but the bottom line is, he damn well knows that 6 minutes onstage with Ace and Peter performing will flush down the drain everything he and Gene have marketed as “Kiss” for the last 13 years. It is a Pandora’s Box they cannot control. I was at the ’95 Unplugged taping. I saw the unedited reaction in person. Stanley knows he cannot control this. And if Paulie cannot control something, nobody plays. Never mind the fact that he’s most probably nervous of his terrible vocals of late being heard worldwide, and especially in front of his peers. We, the fans, are the bosses, right? Well do your job, Gene and Paul. Give us a few tunes as The Four!

    • Van on

      Makes me wonder about the true reasons why Paul and Gene would not perform with Ace and Peter at the reunion based on their recent shows we’ve seen.

    • Cali on

      Because Ace & Peter would smoke ’em. And they know it.

    • Leon Sphinx on

      Ace and Peter “smoke” just about anything.

    • Cali on

      Not anymore.

    • Kiss Comic Book on

      Wow, I really didn’t know “5 star generals” in the Kiss Army could be so pejorative and personal. You really should look up the definition of the word “fan”. Why wouldn’t Paul want to control who plays and who doesn’t? You can’t understand that? Do you not have a job, life experiences, and an education? If you dedicate your life to something, you’re not going to let other people dictate how you operate and progress. Ohh you silly little man……

    • Joe Pensanti on

      Kiss Comic Whatever: I pay their bills. I have spent thousands of dollars on them. Does it give me the right to control their career? Of course not. But I am in the majority, pal. And the majority want to see The Four play one more time. That isn’t a lot to ask.

    • Leon Sphinx on

      Did someone put a gun to your head and force you to spend that ridiculous amount of money? That was your choice. By your logic, you should be able to tell Walmart how to run their business because you shop there. Ridiculous!

    • Cali on

      No, but as a consumer you should have some input as to what they put on their shelves. This is sort of the same thing. The fans want to see the original four play.

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