Off to NYC to tape this weeks new That Metal Show. Peter Criss will be our guest for the hour. Clearly much to cover with Peter and he hasn’t been on with us in a long time since the show was just 30 minutes. Ace Frehley was supposed to join us for this show but is stuck on the W Coast on a deadline for his new album. We will catch up with him at a later date. For the record ALL members of Kiss are invited through their management every season of TMS. We can only talk with and get the opinions of those that accept the invitation. Should be a fun show and you will see it premiere this Saturday 11P ET on VH1 Classic.

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  • Taskerofpuppets on

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see this episode along with Richarrrrrdddd Chrriiiiissssttttyyyy!.

  • joseph on

    Singer n thayer simply are no good for kiss ..it kinda reminds me of the 78movie meets phantom of park where the crazed kiss got booted by real kiss. Fans chanting we want kiss. We want kiss. Not some sevond rate gene n paul tribute show of the original kiss.

  • Chad on

    Eddie you retweet your pro Ace and Peter stance AGAIN by retweeting what Ace and Peter “perceive” to be that Gene and Paul say they can’t cut it anymore. I listen and tune in,and read what Gene and Paul are saying and they have NOT said that. Eddie you seem like a good enough guy but you ALWAYS take and defend Ace And Peter’s side of everything. KISS was one of your favorites growing up and Gene and Paul were just as much a part of that magical lineup you were mesmerized by. How can you take such comment and laugh in interviews with Ace and Peter about Current kiss and about Gene and Paul and feel like Gene or Paul could even trust u to be neutral. You aren’t neutral and you wouldn’t be like that to Paul and Gene if they constantly came on your radio shows and on TMS and any other thing you do. But because kiss stays busy,making albums,on tour, and chose not to do your stuff you come off as sore and biased because Gene and Paul don’t come play with the almighty Eddie Trunk. What gives you the right to downplay a single thing Paul and Gene do…your 30 years???…..Gene and Paul have 40…

    • Eddie on

      Sorry I can’t retweet what Gene and Paul post because Gene blocked me from his Twitter for no reason after looking me in the face and saying he had no problem with me. Sadly you don’t read ALL of what I say and write, only what serves your purposes. And after 130 episodes of TV do you really think it matters if Kiss is on my show? It is the FANS that ask us for them, and after all, it is all about the fans right? You are so off base in your perception of what I really say and do in ALL ERAS of Kiss it is laughable. But believe what you want..

    • Van on

      Lately Paul and Gene have been getting negative comments on their twitters stemming from their refusal to perform with Ace and Peter at the HoF and Gene slamming Hip-Hop in HoF.

    • Bob Esssrin on

      Good post, Chad.

    • Joe Pensanti on

      Chad had a big ass bowl of sourball soup for dinner, methinks…

    • Cali on

      Gene and Paul always seems angry about Eddie because he is friendly with Ace and Peter while Gene and Paul are obviously not. Eddie has extended for both G&P to appear on his show, and they both refuse.

      For me, it’s sort of hard to on team Gene and Paul when they behave so boorishly.

      Eddie is right Chad, you need to read a bit more about what Gene and Paul are saying….

    • Joe Pensanti on

      G&P refuse to appear on TMS because they cannot control what happens. Let’s face it, the majority of KISS fans in the TMS crowd are fans of the original band. It wouldn’t fly with G&P.

  • Cali on

    Looking forward to this show as well!

    Loved looking at King Paul’s Twitter feed- a fan just asked Paul if he was planning on watching Peter on TMS this Saturday and Paul fired back with ‘That show is Wayne’s World.. No.’

    The more Paul and Gene talk or Twitter I should say, the more they look like unappreciative dipwads.

    I don’t know what his problem is with TMS. Paul should stay off of Twitter. It makes him look like a spoiled kid and out of touch with the world.

    • Bob Esssrin on

      His twitter comments are damn funny. They make him look like a funny guy.

    • Eddie on

      I have many times called us Wayne’s World. Hugely popular movie, very popular TV show. It’s a compliment to me!

    • Cali on

      Wayne’s World was funny as hell, and I’m thinking Paul and Gene should start their own basement cable TV show about old rockers who still keep ‘partying on’. Their sign off could be:

      ‘Party on Gene’

      ‘Party on Paul’

  • john on

    Only thing good about Peters drum solos was that it presented an opportunity to go to the restroom. It was nice because between that and Beth, you had two chances during a KISS show to go to the bathroom without missing anything.

    • Ivan on

      John, what a misinformed opinion you have. You’re entitled to it, but way off base.

    • john on

      Ivan there is no such thing as a misinformed opinion. It’s how I feel and not based on any other information, that’s what makes it my opinion. And my opinion is I would rather hear the sounds of toilets flushing then listen to Peter’s drum solo or Beth and usually most of the people that I attended KISS concerts with held that same opinion.

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