Great time last night on my radio show with John Bush and Joey Vera of Armored Saint in the studio. Today the guys join us for the taping of episode 5 of the new season of That Metal Show along with Jamey Jasta, Michael Angelo Batio on guitar and via skype Jason Becker. See it air this Saturday 9P ET on VH1C and follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for updates from the set today.

Don’t forget I’m in Falls Church VA at The State Theater this Friday and in Willmington DE this Saturday at World Cafe at The Queen for stage shows with Don & Jim. Both shows start 8P sharp and tickets and meet & greet tickets are available. More on the home page.

This week’s podcast going up Thursday features my interview with Alice Cooper!

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  • James K. on

    I watched the rerun of last week’s episode and noticed something I missed the first time: When Eddie was announcing who was going to be on the show, Marky walked out in the background and someone stopped him and walked him off the set. Did anyone else see that? Marky must have been really excited and couldn’t wait to be on the show!

    • Eddie on

      Yes true! I only saw it when I watched it since my back was to it. Haha

  • Michael Patrickt on

    I look forward to hearing from the Armored Saint guys (Very underrated band) and hearing what the great Jason Becker is up to.

    The podcast should be terrific too. You don’t get any more classy than Alice Cooper. The man is a true legend who has put out a ton of great albums and despite being well into his 60’s still is an amazing live act. I have found myself going back to us Brutal Planet album a lot lately and I have been on a big “Dada” kick lately. That is one of his more obscure albums but “Dada” is terrific in my opinion.

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