Busy first half of the week. Had a great SiriusXM show Monday with guests George Lynch and Gilby Clarke. George has a new band with Dug Pinnick and Ray Luzier called KXM that just came out that sounds killer.


Shot this Saturday’s new TMS yesterday with Dee Snider, Glenn Hughes via Skype (his new band California Breed also sounds great!), and Chris Caffery on guitar. See it this Saturday 11P ET on VH1C. 3 more new TMS to come in the new season. Really have loved doing the shows weekly and the response has been so great, so thanks. Peter Criss is up next! Response to the Mick Mars show has been great also!

No change in the Kiss HOF plan. NO performance at all from anyone planned. It does however look as if original four will stand up there and accept the honor, so that’s kind of a reunion or as close as we will ever get…

Getting many questions about the status of the Hell & Heaven Festival in Mexico City this weekend. I am still being told it will happen however info on my end has been sketchy and conflicting. If it happens I’ll be there! Waiting for details like everyone else. I am schedule to fly Friday so need to know soon. Hearing all details will be revealed by tomorrow.


I am really bad with computers and accidentally deleted drivers on my PC that allow my burner to recognize and copy CDs and DVDs. Now nothing happens when I put a disc in. No options or reading at all. Any good suggestions for a computer dummy to get it back? if so email [email protected] I am an idiot with this stuff! Thanks.


MOR Cruise is near, can’t wait to see you all on board. My appearance schedule really filling up. Be sure to check the listings on the home page often and come out if near you. More to be added. PLEASE NOTE NO APPEARANCES BY ME, DON OR JIM IN CLUBS OR VENUES ARE TMS TAPINGS! THEY ARE LIVE STAND UP SHOWS, NOT THAT METAL SHOW. VERY IMPORTANT AS WE DON’T WANT ANY CONFUSION. TMS ONLY HAPPENS ON THE SET IN NYC AT THE STUDIO. WE ALL DO SHOWS, APPEARANCES, HOSTING, ETC, BUT IT IS NOT TMS AND SHOULD NOT BE BILLED AS SUCH. THANKS.

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  1. Eddie:
    After Ace appeared on your radio show regarding the Hall debacle you had posted shortly thereafter that he AND Peter were going to appear together for the ‘TMS’ taping. Did that fall through? I hope not. Seeing them on together would take some sting out of the pain. What gives? Either way, looking forward to seeing Peter again at least! Thanks.

  2. Eddie when a big festival like H&H fest cancels, do the bands and host like yourself still get paid? Seems like when bands and host commit to a festival some kind of agreement or contract should be signed. It is income that the artist planned on receiving. Gene will probably take the organizers to court. Ha!

  3. I heard KISS will be touring this summer. Any idea who they will go out with as it will most likely be a co-headline similar to what they have done in the past with Crue and Aerosmith?

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