In advance of the debut of all new That Metal Show episodes 1/18 on VH1 CLASSIC, our sister HD channel Palladia will be doing a special weekend this weekend starting 9A ET this Saturday. That Metal Weekend on Palladia will feature all rock and metal programs and concerts and episodes of TMS in HD! VH1 Classic is sadly still not an HD channel, but you can finally catch some of our recent past episodes this weekend on Palladia in HD. Here are the times and guests for TMS in HD this weekend. All times are Eastern so be sure to convert for your time zone. Some of my all time favorite episodes with Brian Johnson, Steve Harris, Sammy Hagar, Lars Ulrich and more will be featured. Set those DVRs and grab them in HD while you can, Thanks!


SATURDAY 1/11/14:


9A: Dave Mustaine/Rex Brown

1P: Lars Ulrich/Robb Flynn

5P: Sammy Hagar/Michael Anthony


SUNDAY 1/12/14:


1A: Alice Cooper/Jack Russell

5A: Corey Taylor/Josh Rand

11A: Steve Harris

3P: Rob Zombie/John 5/Tom Keifer

6P: Brian Johnson

9P: Vegas Special w/ Vince Neil & more


MONDAY 1/13/14:


3A: Jason Newsted

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  1. I know you have no control over it Ed for the most part. But Geddy and Alex have got to get on there for the full hour. So much to discuss. 40th anniversary this year, HOF, Vapor Trails Re-mix cd, Clockwork Angels DVD/CD, future plans, live stuff in the vault etc…countless things to discuss with these guys right now. I even hope to see some of you guys giving them some t-shirt love this season… 😉

    1. Awesome the extra exposure for TMS, It’s a shame that VH1 can’t dig deeper into the rerun list, they keep playing the same chunk of episodes, I’ve had 74 episodes on my DVR for ages, but they never seem to change the line up, so we can’t see ’em all ( well,.. record them all, I certainly have seen them!!)…be nice if the 1/2 hour episodes are doubled up if the hour is what’s important to them. You new book is in the mail Eddie, I got the first one signed so I just scored this one without, in hopes to actually find you someday at an event, it’s a mission!

    2. There are licensing issues over some of the real early ones with music bumpers and stuff. I have them all on DVD at my house, maybe a big viewing party somewhere one day! haha

  2. Palladia is a pretty awesome music channel on cable TV.
    Only drawback to this MTV-family owned station is the censorship.
    They bleep and cut any swearing or questionable lyrics.
    Still a great place to catch music & concerts in HD. I like to preview the shows, then purchase them on DVD or Blu-Ray.
    Check out the premiere of Scorpions MTV Unplugged this Saturday!
    Got the DVR already set, this will hold me over ’til the Blu-Ray comes out in a couple weeks.

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