It’s rare that I post non music related stuff here, but in a way this is kind of music related. I want to take a second to offer a huge congratulations to my dear friend Mike Piazza on his induction into the MLB HOF! For long time listeners of my radio shows you know Mike and I have been close for a long time. Ever since around 1999 when he first dropped by my studio after a Mets game at WNEW in NYC we have been close friends. Back then when Mike was living and playing in NYC he would be a regular in the studio blasting metal with me. I grew up a lifelong Mets fan, but our bond was very much over the music we both loved and still love. I can’t begin to tell you how many great times we have shared over the years. Much of it at concerts. The stories are endless! From Mike leaking new GnR, us getting drunk seeing GnR at MSG in a snow storm, him co-hosting NY Steel with me in 2001, him throwing out shirts at a Slayer show with me, it is just endless. And endless ball busting too! He is so into metal that when he played he would come up to bat to all kinds of great riffs over the Shea PA. Some of those songs I would even suggest. This is a guy that came to see Flotsam & Jetsam with me at a club in NJ with 10 people there! Or jammed with Skid Row and Overkill at my radio events! When I tell you he is the real deal he is the REAL DEAL! Even though Mike now lives in Florida we are still as close as ever and talk all the time. I am incredibly happy and proud of my friend today for his overdue entry into the MLB HOF. It could not happen to a better friend and human being and be more deserved. Congrats Mike!

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  1. Hey Eddie, is this post really about Mike Piazza or you? I counted 15 times you used the words me and I. That’s a lot of times to mention yourself when you’re supposedly honoring someone else.

    1. Well lets see now Frank. The post was on MY site, to MY audience, about MY friend and OUR friendship and his involvement in MY radio shows and music over the years. There are many that have no idea of my history with Mike or his involvement in major events in my career while he was playing. So I thought it might be cool to highlight what he did for me and MY shows at that time, and his support for this music, while saluting him to show the connection for MY audience which mainly cares about music. Sorry if you can’t handle that..

    1. Clemens was always a hothead and a headhunter.

      I’m an Orioles fan. I’ll never forget an Orioles game I attended back in 1997 against Toronto. B.J. Surhoff requested a time out and stepped out of the batters box, and Clemens throw a fastball at him. Adding insult to injury, the home plate umpire ejected Surhoff instead of Clemens.

  2. First Deep Purple FINALLY gets into the R&R HOF, GNR reunite, well, sort of, and yesterday we heard Mike Piazza is FINALLY going into the MLB HOF, 2016 is starting out to be a very good year! It would be awesome if someday Piazza becomes a coach, or better yet manages the Mets! Congratulations Mike, rock on! Let’s go Mets! 🙂

  3. I’m glad to see that the Baseball Writers got it right and elected Mike Piazza.

    Well deserved honor.

    How about a special TMS from Cooperstown in July?

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