The 1st episode of the new season of That Metal Show premieres 1/18 11P ET on VH1 Classic. It will be shot 1/14 in NYC. Guests will be M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold, Zakk Wylde and Jason Hook of 5FDP on guitar. We are taping a new show every week for 12 weeks. The entire 12 weeks are not booked. Will let you know week to week who the guests will be as things are confirmed and we get closer to each taping. As usual guests are booked based on who is available when we need them, who VH1C approves, and which artists want to do the show. Look forward to having Matt and Jason on for the 1st time and the always hysterical Zakk back with us. Should be a great kickoff from NYC and there will also be a new set once again. More details soon. Psyched be be back with TMS! Also next weekend VH1C and Palladia (in HD!) will air a TMS marathon to get warmed up for the new shows again starting 1/18!

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  • Steve on

    Saw a promo on VH1C today and saw a bunch of names. Didn’t know if they were for the new season or just a sampling of past guests. Saw avengenged on there and now you say it’s their first time on this season so I hope all the names were for what’s coming up. If so, I’m pumped because I saw the ACE mans name up there.

    • Eddie on

      Most will be on the new season. We will announce week to week

  • luke on

    Vh1c did a commercial showing the names of various bands that will appear. They mention A7X and lamb of god. All I can remember right now. It’s was a really short commercial.

  • Beth Milligan on

    Sounds like a winner! Great 1st lineup. Will bring a copy of book II for you to sign in Houston. Looking forward to that.

  • gerry on

    awesome eddie.jason hook,5fdp.yes,this dude can play.ed please ask Jason why such a short show???I/e 12 song set list.they are the headlining act,playing only 12 songs,released 2 new albums,n they don’t play the new tracks,should I just listen to their cds not go to their shows???awesome group,but their shows r too short.didnt play wrecking ball,dot your eyes,wrong side of heaven,burn mf,m.i.n.e.,diary of a deadman,.thank you eddie

  • Johnny on

    Ahhhh… the frikken rerun schedule, be it on Palladia or VH1C loops the same episodes, I’ve had the same 75 shows DVRed for years, they never dig back enough!!

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