The 1st episode of the new season of That Metal Show premieres 1/18 11P ET on VH1 Classic. It will be shot 1/14 in NYC. Guests will be M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold, Zakk Wylde and Jason Hook of 5FDP on guitar. We are taping a new show every week for 12 weeks. The entire 12 weeks are not booked. Will let you know week to week who the guests will be as things are confirmed and we get closer to each taping. As usual guests are booked based on who is available when we need them, who VH1C approves, and which artists want to do the show. Look forward to having Matt and Jason on for the 1st time and the always hysterical Zakk back with us. Should be a great kickoff from NYC and there will also be a new set once again. More details soon. Psyched be be back with TMS! Also next weekend VH1C and Palladia (in HD!) will air a TMS marathon to get warmed up for the new shows again starting 1/18!

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  1. I agree with Johnny. How come the older shows arent run anymore? Id love to have a complete set. Looking forward to the new season! Cant wait to see the episode where Paul and Gene come on and explain things once and for all. Just kiddin, Ed 😉

  2. Weak opening episode (what is an Avenged Sevenfold or 5FDP?) IMO, but guess will satisfy some people and I can’t really complain that you are mixing up the guests. Really looking forward to new season. Looking forward to upcoming interviews with Ace, Frank Bello, Ted Nugent, and hoping hard you can get Bob Daisley. Has full list of guests been released?

    1. Avenged Sevenfold and FFDP are just two bands that had NUMBER ONE back to back albums on the mainstream national Billboard sales charts…

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