12/30: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL, 2013 RECAP & 2014 NEWS.

Thanks to all who came out to Dingbatz in NJ this past Saturday for our annual TMS party and to all the bands that played. The place was packed and it’s always a fun way to celebrate the holidays with our friends on our home turf in NJ at one of our favorite bars to hang. Next up me, Don & Jim will be doing a live show at Mexicali Live in Teaneck NJ 1/18. This is a live stand up show and also has some live Stump The Trunk. I host, Don & Jim do comedy and more. Tix on sale now. Also I will be doing a solo live show in Houston 2/8 at Concert Pub North. This show will be stories from my 30 plus years in music, live Stump The Trunk with prizes, Q&A and more. Many requests to come to Houston so hope to see you all at this event. All events I will also have my books for sale. More TBA soon on additional dates.


Hard to believe we have reached the end of 2013. Don’t know about you guys but it seems like time is flying by as we get older more than ever! This August I’m going to be 50! WTF!?! 2013 was truly an amazing year for me. The huge celebration for the 30 years of my radio show being a major highlight. All the great artists who played and of course the history that was made when Ace & Peter jammed together. Who knew it was a sign of things to come with the HOF announcement a few weeks after they mended their issues after 13 years? Another highlight for me was the chance to see the impact of TMS outside the USA and visit Brazil and Costa Rica for the first time. Was incredible to be in 2 countries that did not speak English as a main language and see the love for the show and metal and rock in general. Sao Paulo was massive and amazing to have hosted that festival and bring on one of my all time favorite bands Aerosmith in from of 30K plus! Hope to visit more cities in the US and more countries as opportunities come up.


2013 was also the year my 2nd book was released. Never thought I’d do a sequel but thanks to all who purchased the first a couple years ago that opportunity was presented to me and the response to this one has been great as well. Was great to do a 10 city book tour in September and meet so many of you out there on the road. Appreciate the support for my books and hope to do more down the line. VOL 1 & 2 available wherever books are sold and signed copies on my site. I will continue to do signings as my schedule permits at all appearances.


Extremely grateful that in 2013 TMS continued and we introduced a new set and a bunch of new features. Equally excited to start of 2014 with year 6 in the history of the show which finds us moving production back to NYC after 4 years in LA. We will have another new set and most importantly more new shows in a row. You will see the first new one 1/18 and every Saturday after for at least 12 weeks. And the shows will only be 4 days old after they debut each Saturday. This will give us fresher shows and more new ones. Our first taping is 1/14. I will announce guests when I can but many first time and returning guests already booked. As usual guests are based on who is available when we need them and who wants to do the show (and who VH1C wants on). TMS is going to kick in full throttle next week for the new season so be sure to keep an eye on my outlets and Twitter @EddieTrunk for updates and more. THANK YOU for watching and keeping this show alive, it has been an amazing ride that continues in 2014!


SO much I could discuss and reminisce about for 2013. It truly was a good one and I hope it was for you as well. Can’t wait to see what the new year holds on many fronts.

Hope you all are enjoying some holiday down time. Don’t forget my Year In Review radio special airs on all affiliate outlets this weekend and features nothing but hard rock and metal from 2013. List of stations on the site. Note to my audience in Madison WI area. The show is moving to a new station there. I’ll have all the details soon. Appreciate all the great support I have had there while on IBA and stand by for new station info very soon. Regular format shows resume for year 31 of my FM show on Q104.3 this Friday live at 11P ET. Live shows resume on SiriusXM channel 39 1/6 at 6P ET for more TRUNKNation.


Happy healthy New Year to all of you. Sincere thanks for watching, reading, listening and connecting with what I do. If you are someone that has been along with me since ’83, or brand new to my world, THANK YOU for your support and hope 2014 is great for you!


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  • Paul Leuenberger on

    I have commented on TMS many times but I just want to thank you, Jim, Don and Jennifer for helping me get by with this stupid cancer I have. Looking forward to new shows and rewatching all the oldies really help me cope. Thanks again Eddie and I wish you all the best in the new year.

    • Eddie on

      Thanks and best of health to you in new year!

  • Bryan Russell on

    Eddie, The best part about 2013 for me was meeting you at Duran Oklahoma as well as at Trees in Dallas. Keep doing what you are doing because there are so many of us out here that enjoy what you do. I for one appreciate that fact that you, Don and Jim are so open to meeting your fans and hanging out and talking to us. I have yet to meet Don but am so grateful for the two times we hooked up as well as the three times I’ve hung out with Jim at the comedy club and at the Megadeth show in Dallas this year when he was the host. The greatest thing that happened to me at the Megadeth show was during the song Cold Sweat, Jim came out to the audience to watch the song being played and stood right next to me, I thought to myself “holy shit, that’s Jim”, so I went to my Iphone and pulled up a picture I had of me and him at the comedy club, I tapped him on his shoulder and showed him the picture, he knew exactly who I was and said Holy Shit!! It was amazing.
    So, again I thank you for all that you do for us fans and I hope that 2014 will be an even bigger and better metal year for all of us. So far it’s looking that way with the new shows of TMS coming up.
    I hope I can make it to Houston in February.


    • Eddie on

      Thanks Bryan, appreciate the support and good meeting you

  • Patrick on

    Thanks for the entertainment Mr. Trunk!! Look forward to 2014 with you and the guys at TMS!!

  • Jonathon on

    Happy New Year and here’s to another year of rocking with the Trunk! Thanks for all you do to keep metal alive in our hearts, minds, and ears!

  • Raymond Carver on

    I just purchased your new book, and I love it just like I did the first one. Wish I could’ve made it to the 2 book signings you did in the Dallas area, but I couldn’t make it.

    • Eddie on


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