Playlist – 12/20/13

Merry KISSmas Special 2013, Special Guest Ace Frehley.

Black Diamond (Live)
Not For The Innocent
Anything For My Baby
Speeding Back To My Baby
It’s My Life
Almost Human
Little Caesar
Shock Me
Hell Or Hallelujah
The Oath
Saint & Sinner
God Of Thunder (Live)
Magic Touch
Ladies Room
Under The Gun
Thou Shalt Not

6 Responses

  1. I don’t know how you deal with all the haters on twitter. I posted a comment on twitter about Gene Simmons being a dick and he sent me a threatening response, then last night I tweeted Paul and he responded calling me “a jealous loser, how sad” in response to me saying he looks old enough to be his wife’s father, to me it was a compliment towards his wife. Now I’m being bombed with hate tweets from wanna be Paul Stanley lovers. Cussing at me, saying hateful things. I even asked Paul since I had his attention why he says it “seems unlikely” that he will play with ace and peter at the HOF ceremony and that created even more hate tweets, people tweeted hateful messages about Peter and Ace to me, as if I have some influence on the decision of them playing. What’s wrong with these people? Are they really that blind to the importance of Ace and Peters role is in Kiss? I side with you Eddie. From know on I’m just going to see things the way you do about the subject of Kiss and not tweet anymore of my thoughts and feelings on that subject. It’s not worth the hate messages.

    1. It is strange that Kiss is the one band you can’t have an honest opinion of that differs from the present mandate without certain segments of the fan base going crazy, being cast out by some, or even in your case band members! That is crazy!! I’ve been a Kiss fan and supporter over 30 years, but never saw a band or fan base (only some of the fans!) that insists on blind worship. Kool Aid is served…

    2. As a KISS fan I’m happy that they are still recording music, touring & in the news. When they began as a band, they put out what music, merch etc that they wanted, & toured where they wanted so I’m grateful to sit back & enjoy like I did 35 years ago. Can you imagine if they tried to do what a million different people wanted them to do?!! They’d go crazy!! It’s like telling Coke to change their flavor slightly to suit your tastes. So just sit back, chill-out & enjoy the roller coaster ride. It’s all good!!

  2. Eddie – just to be clear…Bryan Russell is an idiot. Here is what his tweet actually said: Bryan Russell™ ‏@bigbsvo 4 Jan
    @PaulStanleyLive you look old enough to be her dad. Put YOUR make up on pops! Lol
    And he called Gene a dick? Yes, no wonder he received the responses he did. You act like a rude, insulting neanderthal, you get smacked down appropriately. I hope they band the loud-mouthed hoosier.

    Regarding what you say about the Kool Aid – as you can see from the response above, you are as bad as they are in not looking into the full context of what someone says. My favorite version of KISS is the original band – but I love Tommy and Eric. Monster is an amazing KISS album – and much better than Aerosmith’s most recent “effort” (with Johnny Depp and Carrie Underwood!”)

    If you’re all about the “music”, maybe you should stop hammering the same point OVER and OVER again about the makeup and get the f**k on with it already. Get past it. Ever think your oddball obsession with their makeup is why they won’t come on the show? Who wants to deal with a feet-stomping fan girl?

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