Thanks to Richie Kotzen and Rob Halford for being guests last night on my SiriusXM show. Richie is now on a solo tour of the US after returning from Europe. I’ll be hosting his show at BBs in NYC tomorrow night. If you only know Richie from The Winery Dogs he has a HUGE catalog of solo music that includes his early Shrapnel shred stuff, many solo albums that have many styles of music, and even some one off band stuff. His set now is played with a trio and is mostly his last few albums which are among my favorites. The guy is a pretty mind blowing all around talent and you should check him out solo if you have the chance.

Halford was very pumped about the current Priest tour and it was good to speak with him about a bunch of stuff. It sounds like Priest is far from done and he said they have already written a few things on the road for another possible album. This interview will also be included in my FM/syndicated show in less than 2 weeks and available for AA members of this site. Great to speak with Rob after finally seeing the Priest show and see and hear him sounding and feeling so well. He did go through a tough time with some surgeries. This is one of the all time greats on stage and as a total class person off. Honored to have him as a friend and supporter (he wrote the forward for my first book and it was Rob’s idea for Priest to play a free private show in honor of the 25th anniversary of my radio show. Still one of the great highlights of my life!).

This weeks new Eddie Trunk Podcast is with Adrian Vandenberg. So many ask whatever happened to him, find out this Thursday when my newest episode posts. All new episodes every Thursday free worldwide on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com

You can order with of my books signed and personalized direct from me. Perfect for a holiday gift. Hit “Books” under Media tab on this site. Unsigned copies available anywhere books are sold. The merch store on the site has shirts and more for your holiday shopping as well.

Just added an appearance in Austin TX at The DIrty Dog. Also I’ll be hosting a benefit for Karl Cochran with Joe Lynn Turner and many more Thanksgiving Eve at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ. Come and support and hang out with us to help Karl recovering from a stroke. Thanks to Fred at Dingbatz for donating his great club for this event.

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  • joe on

    Hey Eddie what did you think of Kiss wearing the Dressed To kill outfits on the Kiss kruise for this years show?

    • Eric Heaton on

      Im sure paul still sounded like s–t..lol

    • Todd Fagan on

      Sure he does, This is The Trunk report. Halford still sounds great playing shitholes, Tyler is great using someone else to hit the notes that he can’t ,A Smith are still the bestest band ever,AND KISS sound like s–t. Know the rules LOL Love ya Ed , but sometimes this gets funny.

    • Eddie on

      Sorry, will do my best to lie in the future about what I truly see and hear to make sure everything always benefits Kiss. Apparently in your world everything centers around them even when I don’t write about them. I didn’t know the new arena in Brooklyn or the Meadowlands arena were shitholes? Didn’t know having a credited person ON STAGE to sing HARMONY instead of putting it on fake tracks had anything to do with high notes? Even if Tyler and Halford couldn’t hit high notes (which they CAN), at least they can hit ANY notes! In the one vision Kiss world everything they do is perfect and everyone else is wrong. Just like Paul says, “all the other rock autobiographies should be written on toilet paper” right? In Kiss Kool Aid world it’s their way or nothing and they always create the new standards, just like playing Vegas residency….oh wait… they didn’t do that first?

  • OldSchoolMetalhead on

    Eddie: Rob Halford didn’t write the “forward” for your first book. He wrote the foreword. And if you don’t know how to spell it — and clearly you don’t — it happens to be spelled correctly ON THE COVER OF YOUR F-ING BOOK.

    • DC on

      Dude, if you feel the need to be a constant d–k on here, then why are you here? For the past week or so you’ve treated everyone like an a-hole. Grow up and get out.

      Dana, why hasn’t this guy’s IP been banned yet?

    • Scott on

      You keep egging him on. Let it go

    • Scott on

      The guy is obviously using multiple phones, computers, etc. Get a clue sir and stop disrespecting Dana. She does a great job.

    • Dana on

      Awww, thanks Scott 😉

      D 🙂

    • OldSchoolMetalhead on

      I actually feel the need to respond to your comment. For the record, I have NEVER written in the comments section on this site before last night. NEVER, not even once. If there is someone else using my username or some variant of it, that is alarming (though perhaps not completely surprising since, well, old school metal is primarily what the site is all about). I’m sure you won’t believe anything I have to say but that’s your right. Anyway, I just wanted an opportunity to respond since you’re way off-base on this.

  • Scott on

    Awesome interviews last nite. Halford sounds like he wants to get in as much work as possible. This tour is great but a huge mistake was made with the opening act. Saw Barclays show and lucky enough to be in LA for Nokia next week. Will be sure to slam a few extra beers to be sure to miss steel scum.

  • XTiN@ on

    Have you heard of this band called Girlschool? They’re this all-female old-skool metal band from the U.K.

  • James K. on

    Eddie, You wanna know who I have wanted to know what’s going on with?: Bobby Gustafson. I actually tracked down some info on the internet about him and was kind of surprised he’s been in the plumbing business. Have you talked to him over the years? He blames DD as the reason he left Overkill. Just reading the short interview I found, he seems to at least be on speaking terms with Blitz or he at least made it appear that way. That classic Years Of Decay lineup was one of the best bands on earth back then, although the current lineup is just as good. It’d be cool if you did an in depth interview with Bobby because I have a feeling you could get him to open up more than he has. He’s a very underrated and underappreciated guitarist but he’s one of my favorite metal guitarist even today.

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