Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Another rough Sunday for my Giants but I think they will be solid once they get healthy next year.

PLEASE NOTE: New venue for my upcoming appearance 12/12 in Austin. It is now at The Original Emo’s. Please see the flyer attached to the link on the home page for details.

Live SiriusXM show tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNK Nation. David Coverdale calls in live at 8P ET.

Ace Frehley tonight and tomorrow at BBs NYC. I’ll be there tomorrow.

Thanks for all the great response to the Joe Satriani podcast! This Thursday all new with Scott Ian and Chris Jericho. www.podcastone.com or Itunes.

Please join me, Joe Lynn Turner, Carmine Appice, Pat Travers, Steve Brown and more for a charity concert for guitarist Karl Cochran this Wednesday at Dingbatz Clifton NJ. Show starts 9P sharp! Tickets at the door. All money goes to help Karl in his recovery from a stroke.

This Friday I’ll be at the Philly Expo Center for the All Things That Rock Expo. Please note I will only be there 1-4P Friday only. Books available.

RIP Eric Carr who we lost on this day 23 years ago. Eric and I were close friends and I miss him every day. He truly was one of the best and we had too many great times to get into here. Gone but never forgotten!

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  • XTiN@ on

    So sad he died of heart cancer at 41! Very young. Sorry you had to lose someone that you’re so close to.

  • Trapper Crane on

    RIP Eric Carr. You could tell that he was a sweet, genuine guy. I so wish I had the opportunity to have met him.

    Incredible talent, too! Monster drummer, and he could play piano, bass and guitar too. How many musicians are that versatile? Usually a member of a band can just play the one instrument, maybe they can write, maybe they can sing. Eric could do it all! Listening to some of those songs from Unfinished Business and Rockology, how the Hell (pardon my French, Dana and Eddie) were those tunes NOT GOOD ENOUGH for a KISS record? Especially when you listen to some of Paul’s or Gene’s tracks on HITS, Asylum or Animalize. I like those albums, don’t get me wrong. But, Eyes of Love is way better than Read My Body or Cadillac Dreams or Murder in High Heels (snickers).

    oh, for those that haven’t heard the Union song “Dear Friend” do yourself a favor, look it up on youtube. It’s about Eric. Bruce sings lead on it, and his guitar solo…you can just “hear” the emotion in that solo. Very powerful tune.

    • Anthony on

      because g@P wanted all the writing credits and publishing they did not want to share greedy self centered bastards . I am a huge Kiss fan

    • James L on

      Sounds like auntie z

  • Lee on

    I loved talking to Eric about Rat Race Choir,Good Rats, the early Sistah playing the same dumps Eric played in the 70’s….talk about a hard paycheck. The Rising Sun in Yonkers or Detroit by Korvettes in Portchester were ground zero for Eric, plus that dump by Greenwich that burned down.

  • Fudge man on

    Sorry about your giants eddie. My vikings lost to the most hated rival green bay packers yesterday in similar fashion. Another long offseason of trash talking packers fans……………not fun.

  • DaveC on

    I guess if it’s the anniversary of Eric’s passing, then it’s also the anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s too

    • David C on

      Not to be confused with David C, right DaveC?


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