Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Another rough Sunday for my Giants but I think they will be solid once they get healthy next year.

PLEASE NOTE: New venue for my upcoming appearance 12/12 in Austin. It is now at The Original Emo’s. Please see the flyer attached to the link on the home page for details.

Live SiriusXM show tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 TRUNK Nation. David Coverdale calls in live at 8P ET.

Ace Frehley tonight and tomorrow at BBs NYC. I’ll be there tomorrow.

Thanks for all the great response to the Joe Satriani podcast! This Thursday all new with Scott Ian and Chris Jericho. www.podcastone.com or Itunes.

Please join me, Joe Lynn Turner, Carmine Appice, Pat Travers, Steve Brown and more for a charity concert for guitarist Karl Cochran this Wednesday at Dingbatz Clifton NJ. Show starts 9P sharp! Tickets at the door. All money goes to help Karl in his recovery from a stroke.

This Friday I’ll be at the Philly Expo Center for the All Things That Rock Expo. Please note I will only be there 1-4P Friday only. Books available.

RIP Eric Carr who we lost on this day 23 years ago. Eric and I were close friends and I miss him every day. He truly was one of the best and we had too many great times to get into here. Gone but never forgotten!

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  • sarture on

    Eddie, Every time you have mentioned the Giants this year you CRY about injuries. Have you ever seen the weekly NFL injury report? Every team has multiple injuries, every game. Its about who’s up next. The Giants have no back ups at several key positions. And you always fail to mention the QB, who has NEVER missed a game to injury. He just continues to screw up. Eli Bitch, Mr Pick! Its obvious you never played the game, don’t understand the game, and have no clue. NY sports fans are known for their knowledge of the game. Stop whining about injuries and suck it up fat boy!

    • Eddie on

      I’m sorry for being a fan. I didn’t know acknowledging that the team lost most of it’s captains and key starters to injury meant “crying”. I hear the commentators say it all the time. Are they also “crying” by pointing it out? Eli is a 2 time SB winning MVP. I’m sure you would love a “Mr Pick” like that huh? Maybe not since you must be a sports genius. And yes I weigh a bit more than I should but I am down 65 pounds, so a little less fat than I was. Thank you for your classy commentary and analysis and being such a fan of mine and my site.

    • Dana on


      Quite frankly, I think you look great, and in my opinion, actually maybe a little too thin.

      Any man who has to comment on another’s appearance must be a member of the Fashion Police and a real stunner himself. 🙄

      Dana from ET.com 🙂

    • David C on

      Man on man fashion police, lol. Maybe sarture has looked down so many times and seen nothing that it’s starting to wear on him…

  • Ryan B. on

    The Giants need to rise up! They are the Pats kryptonite! I would rather listen to Gene and Paul criticisms of Ace and Peter on continous loop than the slobberfest that is ESPN and the Pats on a Super Bowl march! Oh the humanity!

  • Dave Zdanowski on

    Eddie, I honor Eric every year on this date by listening to him on your radio show back in ’89, on youtube. He was a blast that night, as I’m sure just about every night, to listen too. Can’t imagine hanging out with him, that would have been awesome!! I still remember hearing Keep Me Comin’ on my buddies car stereo (cassette of course) and thinking “wow, the return of KISS”, and then the drum intro to Creatures of the Night, and thinking, wow those drums sound like gun shots!! Then hearing the drum intro to I Love it Loud!! Eric was always my favorite drummer, and unfortunately, he probably would be utterly disgusted on how KISS has handled themselves over the past year or so!!

  • James K. on

    It’s hard to believe Eric’s been gone that long. He was an incredible drummer. CREATURES OF THE NIGHT is not only one of my all time favorite Kiss albums but one of my all time favorite albums period and Eric’s drumming is a big reason I love that album so much. His drum sound on that album is THUNDEROUS, to put it one way. R.I.P Eric.

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