My podcast this week is all new and features an interview with co-founding member of Skid Row Snake Sabo. I go way back with Snake and the Skids since their days as a band on the Jersey club circuit. Good friends for many many years. These days in addition to playing with the band Snake also is an artists manager handling Down, Vintage Trouble and more. Hope you enjoy the conversation about the early days of the Skids and more. As always my podcasts are 100% free and available worldwide. Just search The Eddie Trunk Podcast on Itunes or at www.podcastone.com You can now also stream the latest podcasts by hitting the podcast banner on this sites home page.

Great to have Goody’s Headache Relief shot back as a sponsor. They have made more Eddie Trunk Rocks bumper stickers. I’ll have them at all my appearances as well as samples of their product going forward. I’ll also send them to any US address. Just send me a self addressed stamped envelope and I’ll drop a couple in the mail:

PO Box 41
Cedar Knolls NJ 07927

Ace Frehley kicks off his tour tonight in NJ at the State Theater in New Brunswick. Looking forward to seeing Ace and his new band which features the return of Richie Scarlett, Scot Coogan and new member Chris Wise. All four guys sing lead so it should open up some great song possibilities. Also look forward to hearing some stuff from the new album. I’ll also see Ace again locally at BB Kings in NYC Thanksgiving week. Gave away a ton of tickets for tonight and you can still win for the NYC dates. Just visit “ET’s Box Office” on this site to enter.

Rob Halford checks in from the road on my FM radio show this weekend debuting tomorrow night at 11P on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston.

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TMS returns 2/21/15

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  1. Eddie, you mention regarding Ace concert tickets “you can still win for the NYC dates. Just visit “ET’s Box Office” on this site to enter”, but I don’t see those concert options listed. Thanks

  2. Eddie, I know you are friends with the guys in Skid Row, but their careers are forever over and are has beens. They have not produced a good album since Thickskin, and even that one was mediocre at best. Johnny sounds like a good guy but he does not do the band justice. Revolutions Per Minute was an atrocity of an album and the EP’s sound like they were recorded in a dumpster. Next time you talk to Snake or Rachel, tell them to cut the bullshit, stop alienating their fans, and bring bach and affuso back.

    1. I love Thickskin and the latest EP. For a decade Bas berated anyone for even talking about him going back to Skid Row and said everyone should move on. It appears regardless of the increased sales potential Skid Row has.

    2. I’m wide awake buddy. That album had 2 or 3 good songs on it, the rest was just watered down standard G tuning songs. Solinger sucks. I’m not saying Bach is the answer either. I’m fine with a singer being replaced. As long as the new guy can bring another creative outlet with him, but it is pretty obvious the current lineup cannot fulfill that task. Here’s proof of what I’m talking about. This is an absolute train wreck.

  3. I didn’t care for Ace’s last album at all, but I’m all for advancing rock and roll so if his tour goes well then good for him and the band. I’m skeptical, but we will see.

    Regarding Phil Rudd, hearing Angus and Cliff come out with their strong statements about Phil pretty much says to me that his time in the band is done. AC/DC is notoriously private about the inner workings of the band, so Angus and Cliff talking like this might as well be a press release. I hope he can get himself together regardless. I’m surprised, because I think that his solo record he just released is really good.

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