My daily show on SiriusXM is off to a great week. We celebrated David Bowie today and gave away a bunch of cool stuff and had some great callers. RIP David Bowie one year after his passing. Live again tomorrow 2-4P ET on SiriusXM 106 Volume. Thursday I’ll have Mick Jones of Foreigner in studio. Next week the show comes from L.A.

My new podcast will post this Thursday with guests Dave Navarro and Steve Stevens. Free as always on www.PodcastOne.com and Itunes. Current new one features Neal Schon and Kirk Hammett!

Many have asked for my comments on recent statements about what I said about the current Ratt situation by Bobby Blotzer. Unfortunately Bob only heard what he wanted and not the context of the entire conversation, which was inspired by a caller, not me. I can only report what is happening in the here and now and my take on it. One band is announcing major shows using the name Ratt, including Rocklahoma yesterday. The other (Bob’s) just had a show not play over whatever issues there are connected with him now using the name. It does not take a genius to see things have been tilted in the Pearcy led bands favor AT THIS MOMENT. I can only report and give my take as I see it at that time. Just like when Bob was doing shows and the other band wasn’t, he was clearly winning AT THAT TIME. I wish them all the best. But I won’t resort to name calling and verbal attacks with anyone. It’s lame, dumb and juvenile. For Bobby to insinuate he just stumbled on my show, and that he doesn’t listen, is beyond absurd. He has been on recently with two in depth interviews letting him give HIS position on all of this, and has texted me during it often. So he was and has been well aware of the program. Finally, Bob is correct I do not use the “hair” branding for this music as I find it disrespectful. But I didn’t name the channel or any event I do that does use it. I’m also not going to pass on work or chances to support this music because of what a company branded an event or outlet as. Which is why my show is called TRUNK NATION and has been for years on that channel. NOT Hair Nation. I now do 6 shows a week on SiriusXM called TRUNK Nation! My show on Hair Nation was ALWAYS branded TRUNK Nation. So perhaps maybe he might be best served to check the facts..? I have nothing to do with any of this or how it all plays out. That is for lawyers and judges to decide. As news continues to unfold I will continue to report it as it stands at that time, and discuss all sides of it with my audience and relevant parties.

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  • John Peale on

    you’ve always been very supportive of Bobby.

  • [email protected] on

    Good response Eddie. Prior decades forced/demanded a disconnect and automatic respect for our hero’s. Everything they said was gospel and it took months/years to dispel rumours and gossip. Current culture no longer demands unwavering respect and demand, it’s now earned in real time..Internet time. That’s why we still love and look to you for the truth in our rock music Universe. You tell it how it is, exactly as you see it, no sides, just the facts. JUST THE FACTS. Seems like such a novelty in today’s society, but we respect you for that. Don’t ever loose it. And, if those facts change you’re not afraid to post an update. Long may you reign Mr Trunk. Long may you reign.

    Sincerely, a fan.

  • MikeyMan on

    Right on, Eddie!

    I’m a loyal listener to the XM show, and follower of this site too.
    You have ALWAYS been a straight shooter who plays fair. Honest reporting, no bullshit or sugar coating. We love the fact that you have a platform for everyone to express their views and opinions, both the artists AND listeners.
    Blotz needs to get over any issues with Trunk Nation and deal with his own problems. I was tuned in and listening on both occasions Bobby was on the Monday show. Mr. Blotzer had plenty of (too much) time to air his displeasure of former band mates, gripe about legal proceedings, plug gigs and brag about his current band. He sidestepped several questions and seemed combative at times. I grew very tired of his attitude. That’s on you Blotz, that’s how it comes across to the fans.
    Eddie showed great patience during a sometimes uncomfortable interview. Yet, Eddie gave him all kinds of time and an outlet to reach out to the fans. Live, direct, and unedited.

    Keep up the great work, Eddie!

  • Frank T on

    That’s it, let’s settle all of this childish band drama once and for all. At Wrestlemania we will have a loser leaves town match. Pearcy, Frehley, Trunk against Blotzer, Stanley and Simmons. Hell make it 3 vs. 4 and have that little troll Doc Mcgee on Paul Stanley’s side. Inside a steel cage. My money is on Trunk.

  • Dave Storms on

    “Lame, dumb, and juvenile” — yup that about sums up how Blotz has acted throughout this whole debacle. He must see that it’s working for Trump so figures that’s the way to go :). I’m sure there is much more behind the scenes that we don’t know about, but bottom line is that the “REAL” RATT is now in place. Steven, Warren, and Juan = RATT. Blotz + a group of guys no one has heard of does NOT = RATT.

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