My daily show on SiriusXM is off to a great week. We celebrated David Bowie today and gave away a bunch of cool stuff and had some great callers. RIP David Bowie one year after his passing. Live again tomorrow 2-4P ET on SiriusXM 106 Volume. Thursday I’ll have Mick Jones of Foreigner in studio. Next week the show comes from L.A.

My new podcast will post this Thursday with guests Dave Navarro and Steve Stevens. Free as always on www.PodcastOne.com and Itunes. Current new one features Neal Schon and Kirk Hammett!

Many have asked for my comments on recent statements about what I said about the current Ratt situation by Bobby Blotzer. Unfortunately Bob only heard what he wanted and not the context of the entire conversation, which was inspired by a caller, not me. I can only report what is happening in the here and now and my take on it. One band is announcing major shows using the name Ratt, including Rocklahoma yesterday. The other (Bob’s) just had a show not play over whatever issues there are connected with him now using the name. It does not take a genius to see things have been tilted in the Pearcy led bands favor AT THIS MOMENT. I can only report and give my take as I see it at that time. Just like when Bob was doing shows and the other band wasn’t, he was clearly winning AT THAT TIME. I wish them all the best. But I won’t resort to name calling and verbal attacks with anyone. It’s lame, dumb and juvenile. For Bobby to insinuate he just stumbled on my show, and that he doesn’t listen, is beyond absurd. He has been on recently with two in depth interviews letting him give HIS position on all of this, and has texted me during it often. So he was and has been well aware of the program. Finally, Bob is correct I do not use the “hair” branding for this music as I find it disrespectful. But I didn’t name the channel or any event I do that does use it. I’m also not going to pass on work or chances to support this music because of what a company branded an event or outlet as. Which is why my show is called TRUNK NATION and has been for years on that channel. NOT Hair Nation. I now do 6 shows a week on SiriusXM called TRUNK Nation! My show on Hair Nation was ALWAYS branded TRUNK Nation. So perhaps maybe he might be best served to check the facts..? I have nothing to do with any of this or how it all plays out. That is for lawyers and judges to decide. As news continues to unfold I will continue to report it as it stands at that time, and discuss all sides of it with my audience and relevant parties.

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  • Rattlehead on

    I read Blotzer’s rant…what a dirt bag that guy is… Eddie allowed Blotzer a forum to express his side of the matters, just like Eddie has with other artists. Eddie also just states the facts about matters. Blotzer may not like where matters are at this time with the RATT drama, but it is where it is….

    I think Blotzer’s rant, and throwing Eddie under the bus, is more about Blotzer knowing he’s about to lose the RATT war, and Blotzer is grasping at straws trying to build credibility by tearing down others, including Eddie.

    Eddie, I don’t know what you can do about the situation, but Blotzer obviously doesn’t understand your radio situations, your job, that you are a fan first and foremost, etc…and since he obviously has a grudge with his incorrect perception of how things went down, I would say “Fxxx this guy!” and never, ever let him on my show again. (Don’t know if you can do that given your audience, relationship with artists and the industry etc…, but I think it’s warranted if you could)

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